• Ban the death penalty!

    I think the U.S. should ban the death penalty, and here's why. It actually costs more to execute someone than it does to keep them in prison for life. That doesn't seem like it makes much sense, right? Well, it costs more to get the paper work, syringe, and lethal substance to kill someone than it does to sponsor their food and clothing. If you don't believe me, look it up. Another reason we should ban the death penalty is if someone kills someone else, and we kill them, aren't we just as bad? Also, innocent people have been killed, leaving a murderer out on the streets with a clean getaway. If someone is still alive, in jail, we can keep testing their DNA to see if they're innocent. If we kill them, and find out they're innocent, the best we can do is find the real murderer. We can't bring a dead person back to life. One final reason to ban the death penalty is that it's a cruel and unusual punishment, violating the 8th amendment to the Constitution. Because we punish people for killing, and find it cruel, we're doing the same thing!. This is why I think the U.S. should ban the death penalty.

  • You are supposed to take someone's life

    No one has the right to take someone's life. Even if they have murdered someone; that does not give the reason for the U.S to take their life. If their life is taken what lesson do they learn about not killing. No one should have the right to take someone's life.

  • It's primitve and is a violation of human rights

    The point of jail is to correct the individual, not to kill them, besides which , the gov has no right to kill someone , last time I checked we are entitled to life liberty and pursuit of happiness, unless the government says you can't have you're inherent rights. Executing someone is something a primitive country does, not to mention it shows the government and society giving up on the person, which is unacceptable, their function is to help people, not kill them and take away their supposedly inherent right which are being totally violated. I understand the victims may feel they need to die , but they may need to learn a little Christian forgiveness, religion aside, and understand that they have serious issues and a 40 year sentanxe or longer would certainly be enough . What we really need to do is prevent the crimes before they happen by society actually giving a crap about its citizens and giving them proper mental and physical care.

  • Yes it is cruel and unusual punishment in these modern times

    Yes it should be abolished for nearly all crimes except treason or espionage or all crimes i rule death penalty is unconstitutional and illegal it is banned in EU and Ireland, canada, australia, new zealand, united kingdom and mexico and most south american countries. It wont teach you anything just because someone kills or betrays or spies theu have no right for revenge justice is what you need. They should be converted to life imprisonment with or without parole.

  • Eye for an eye until everybody is blind...

    It is so easy to get rid of a problem in the short-term but what about the long term? Killing killers does not prevent future killers.

    What needs to be done is to get to the root of the problem in society. Why did this person turn into a murderer, rapist etc? And how can we prevent such cases in the future? Nobody is born evil. In the end, criminals are a product of society and their circumstances. This does not mean that criminals should be belittled and not punished. They should be punished but in a senseful way with an eye on rehabilitation. Solitary confinement would be such an punishment. Criminals put into solitary confinement are exposed to themselves and will start reflecting upon their past and their actions. It is absolutely painful to be only by yourself with your own thoughts, no TV, radio, books to distract yourself. Solitary confinement can change humans. As I said nobody is born evil.

    Of course there are some people who cannot be changed, for instance, those perpetrators who suffer from psychological problems. Some might enjoy killing and will never see in why its bad. But especially those criminals should not be executed but studied. How did their psychological problem come about? Can the problem be restrained?

    The US went so far in some respects ... It is heartbreaking to see US states using such a backward, barbaric and senseless punishment.

  • What lessons do they learn?

    When you sentence people to death what lessons do they learn? If you kill them they learn nothing from it! When you let them sit in jail and suffer every day from having to wake up and remember what they did wrong, they will learn their lesson. People shouldn't have to be killed for killing. It's very hypocritical.

  • False death penalty

    Since 1973, 108 people in 25 states have been released from death row proven innocent. Their lives were about to be gone forever from someone else's false accusations. I don't know why there is a need for a death penalty even when you have that 50% chance that the person is falsely proven.

  • All life is valuable

    The should no kill some one who as killed. If you kill them are you any better then the killer, i mean think about it if your a humen being, you"d have a heart life in prison gives them a chance to realize what they've done thats the right thing to do

  • Yes it should

    Honestly people, death is the easy way out. You don't have to kill 'em all fancy and expensive, just hold up a gun in their sleep and go BAM. Killing a criminal does nothing but spend a TON of money. It doesn't bring their victims back, and it doesn't make it right to kill a killer

  • It cost more than to keep someone in jail

    First of all, California currently spends about 184 million dollars for the death penalty each year and is onto spending 1 billion dollars in the next five years.

    Secondly, an average person that spends a year in prison costs about 22 thousand dollars. That is 183,978,000 dollars less than the death penalty.

  • No it shouldn't

    No, the United States should not ban the death penalty. I understand that some people think it's cruel and that there's always the remote possibility of a wrong conviction, but I try to put myself in the victims and their families shoes. If someone I loved was murdered I would absolutely want justice. An eye for an eye in my opinion.

  • Keep death penalty

    I personally think that the United States should definitely keep the death penalty. What else is there to deter people from committing heinous crimes and then just spending the rest of their lives in jail while other taxpayers pay for their everyday things. It someone kills someone and it's proven 100% true, then they should go the same way.

  • No, the death penalty is an important part of the justice system.

    I think it would be a mistake to ban the death penalty. I believe that it's a just way to punish criminals who commit the worst crimes. If it's taken away, then someone who commits these crimes will know that if they get caught the worst that will happen is they sit in a cell for the rest of their life. For some, that's not much of a threat. Taking away the death penalty would also add to the overcrowding of prisons. Some prioners make parole if they've earned it. But if there is no death penalty, then it makes sense that all those who would have earned it would be in for life. That means more for the rest of us to pay for.

  • No, the death penalty is appropriate

    The death penalty is an appropriate action to take in response to the most serious crimes. Nobody should be exempt from death as a punishment from these types of crimes. In addition, having the death penalty around will make the criminal think much more seriously about committing these crimes, and in turn will reduce the crime rate.

  • An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth.

    When somebody kills then it would only be right if they die. Also, We don't know what has been happening in that family of the murdered one. For all that we know the family may have just had a child, And now the dead person wouldn't be able to ever see them, They won't know the future, They would be dead. The murderer should feel their pain by dying the same way, Well, Not entirely because they would be expecting it. But you know what I mean. Hopefully. If somebody dies one way, The murderer dies the same, Except by the family if they want revenge.

  • The Death Penalty is good.

    The death penalty is a way for the United States stop crime. A way to make sure people know that if you kill someone you will be sentenced to death. There are a few flaws in this system for example what will an acceptable crime be, that can be punished by the death penalty. I think this is a very good thing to have once we work out the flaws.

  • Yes for the death penalty

    As a Army veteran of the US I was trained to kill our enemies. Now to execute someone who committed a murderous act beyond any shadow of doubt against a US citizen to be considered wrong is unthinkable. If you think it is not wrong , let these vicious people live at our expense. How many US soldiers died on your behalf of killing the enemy to allow you to have the right to say keep the enemies of the state alive.

  • Jail doesn't always rehabilitate someone

    When someone is put to a life sentence instead of a death penalty, they don't always change during their time in jail. If anything, jail seems to corrupt them even more. Plus, if you've served most of your life in a life sentence and finally get let out some people commit suicide. They've simply been in jail too long to know anything else, to have any other purpose. Is that really a better alternative? If you throw a guy in jail do you really think that serving a life in prison will actually change them? Doesn't it just make them hate the government even more? You simply just can't change a guy after he's murdered somebody. It may be true that it's cruel to kill a murderer, but it's not as cruel as forcing them to think about it for the rest of their life . . . In jail.

  • The Death Penalty Should Not Be Banned

    The death penalty is not cruel enough to pay for what these criminals did. They took someones 1 and only life away. Without it prisons would get overcrowded, it attacks the problem at it's source,etc. It's a serious problem, but these people(murderers) deserve to suffer or work. They shouldn't life their life in a cell not doing anything.

  • It needs to stay

    Not all people deserve it, but in extreme cases life in prison just wont cut it. I don’t think it should be used often however, but it shouldn’t be banned. Also, how come the death penalty should be banned when it is killing a criminal, but abortion kills an innocent fetus and its okay? Doesn’t make sense to me, but if you want to ban the death penalty you should also want to ban abortion.

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