• The U.S. should ban violent video games.

    Violent video games are bad for society. They teach people that it is acceptable to be violent and murder and killing are desirable. In order to decrease violence in schools and in communities, the government should ban the sale of this kind of video games. This is the best way to keep our country safe.

  • Yes they should be banned

    They should be banned because the encourage violence and langued I have no problem with it its this the kids that abuse it and it help them to shoot people and those people could be killed or bullied and getting hurt. So that is why i am saying yes thanks

  • They warp morality

    They desensitize people. Humans tend to normalize things when given enough exposure to it. They won't see violence "as bad".

    -Sex is no longer seen as sacred and so we have MANY adulterers. It has become "normal" and "okay" to be an adulterer.

    -People cuss all the time as if it's no big deal. Again, it is seen as "okay" because everybody else does it nowadays.
    Become lenient, and people won't give the same value to things anymore. Be strict with rules or the majority will step over them and do whatever is "pleasing" instead.

    The more lenient you are, the less value you give something. Remember that.

  • It creates aggression and it will hurt our economy.

    According to Ohio State University, study shows that violent video games create aggression. The Sandy Hook School Shooter was known to be addicted to violent video games. Also, these video games take children away from school work. If these pointless video games continue to take student away from school work, they will end in poverty. This will hurt our economy and create the problem with poverty bigger. Also since poverty is cyclical, it is hard for someone to get out of poverty. That is why we should ban these violent addicting games.

  • Violent video games should be banned

    The should be banned because the have a negative impact on young people and people start shooting each other and will have a impact to there lives that it is okay to be violent and hurt inoccent people. It is also an affence to people who are serving our country because people at homebare sitting on the couch launghing while the army are shooting in the real world.

  • Violent video games do little to better gamers.

    Violent video games do very little to better those who play them. Furthermore, they promote the desensitization of people to violence. Those who are mentally unstable and play video games excessively can become immune to the potentially harmful effects of those who regularly play violent video games. A ban on such video games, therefore, would be best.

  • Absolutely not why would u

    The people who play these games never want to actually kill someone. The only ones are the mental who aces play these so they don't kill people. So if the government was that scared they would have most likely banned them a long time ago. So if this is anyone's choice it is the governments.

  • It Is Wrong To Restrict People

    I believe it would be an injustice for the United States to ban violent video games. There are a group of people in the United States who do not like violent video games and they don't believe they should exist. There is another entire group that believes the exact opposite. There is no reason to grant dominion to those who dislike the product. It is made and produced and people buy it, at their own discretion.

  • No it shouldn't.

    I do not believe that the United States should ban violent video games. One of the great things about living in America is our freedom of choice. I think that a person should be able to decide what to buy, and that parents should regulate what their child is doing.

  • The U.S. should not ban violent video games

    The U.S. should not ban violent video games. This is because of the fact that violent video games serve as an outlet for many people so that their primal urges to violence that are only natural are met with some kind of relief. Also, banning violent video games would infringe on our freedom.

  • No banning is not the answer

    There is no need to ban violent video games. The games should be restricted and kept out of the hands of minors but no need for banning. Video games are just one of many things that may not be appropriate for kids but not all those things get banned either.

  • What's the reasoning?

    They aren't supporting gun violence, but purely to relieve stress.
    Check this debate for more information. It is scientifically proven and it can't harm you. It is merely a simulation of being in the military. It's science-fiction and won't be harmful to your common sense that you shouldn't play with guns.

  • Why should they

    Major gaming companies will go out of business and its the parents choice for what they play. They don't cause violent because it its just a game I play violent video games all the time and I'm not violent and it doesn't affect my social life so why should they it will cause more problems than solve.

  • No, not really.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of violent games simply because of all the blood and gore camouflages the actual storyline. (Example: Mortal Kombat) However, I don't think they should be banned. They do not promote violence- I watch the BBC news and CNN every day, and I haven't raped anybody, gassed my fellow Americans for disagreeing with me, murdered a baby because "God told me to", or anything of the sort. The news doesn't inspire me to harm others. Video games don't either. In fact, it might actually be pretty healthy to play a game every now and then where you get to harm another without consequence. You could potentially be getting rid of stress and any actual desire to commit a crime.

  • Yooo i play video games that are violent all the time and you dont see me killing my friends or random people.

    Guns dont kill people... People kill people that being said

    that goes the same way to violent video games violent games dont cause harm people cause harm
    soooooooooooooooooo dont call out on video games game companies will loose money and then they will have to start all over and make a game that isnt in there form games like mario are peaceful and cod ghost is violent because it is based on war and how things can leed up to war and violent games show how things are like gta it shows how drugs affect people and it shows how the real world is like....

  • Parents choice of game

    It is the parents fault for letting the child/children play the voilent video games. There is a reason why the video games have an age limitation for the type of game like Mature rated games are recommended for the person to be 17 and up. There is no reason to ban games if it is the parents fault letting the young child/ children play the video games.

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stephannoi says2015-07-02T23:25:15.930
It think it's unfair to ban violent games.And actually all genres of video game including also violent video games has brought benefit to the US economy.In totally video game industry has made billion of dollar amount of money profit,which a ban of violent games would affected to economy so hard.It's a bad idea to do that.And what purpose should we ban violent games?There is no proof that video games lead to real world violence and studies has proven that there is no link between violent crime and violent video games.
stephannoi says2015-07-02T23:31:20.087
It's just an stupid,idiotic,and selfish from some people,who only want to take freedom and happiness from others,just because they dislike something or might find it's stupid.Well it's may be stupid for them but not for others.I think everyone should have right to buy anything what they want.It's their freedom to persue happiness.I think those who devote yes is selfish and they don't deserve to have freedom.