Should the U.S. be less involved in world affairs?

  • America doesn't own the world

    I can think of so many examples of why america needs to stop getting involved in other countries business but all you really have to do is look at one incident and hear Obama make a speech on it and its annoying, when Russia attempted to invade Ukraine they got involved and to be honest it's just annoying experiencing america because america treats the rest of the world like criminals and we have to treat Americans like family and that is just irritating... Just look at the fact that most European citizens require a visa for entry into the US but no US citizens require a visa for entry into any European country... Americans believe themselves the centre of the universe and rulers of the entire world but they need to stop. Americans are welcome to solve their own issues but the world doesn't need you.

  • The poll question should probably be renamed.

    Too many people who meant to vote "yes" are accidentally voting "no" because they misread the question. Lol, just look for yourselfs. And yes, the USA needs to stop sticking its nose in every other countrie's rear end! Let's avoid world war 3 as much as possible please, I HATE how "the people" have no say in Our own countries foreign affairs!

  • Hashtag support the yes

    Well first off if the us got involved in other countries problems that wold mean more war and more war means more debt in the us. More debt means more taxes for the citizens and their would be a high loss of jobs because no one can afford anything so the us should stay out of foriegn problems unless it would truly affect us.

  • We are not the world's police.

    No one asked the United States to take on the role of being the world's police. While at one time their advanced technology and organization made their presence welcome, many nations can now take care of their own affairs without their help. It's time for America to take a step back and start minding its own problems, of which it has many.

  • Excessive intervention in foreign nations is never good

    U.S. involvement in foreign affairs had become something of a routine starting in the late 19th century when business interests were looking to exploit markets in other poorer nations. The government supported them and the result was that the U.S. backed often tyrannical regimes in Latin America and elsewhere just so that the business interests could make profits more easily. The consequences of this sort of thing was often tragic; in the Third World nations whose autocratic governments were supported by the U.S., the masses suffered at the hands of their rulers. This eventually led to revolutions which eventually led to the rise of Communism in those nations. While the "Cold War" is often portrayed as an ideological fight between the free democratic United States and the tyrannical, Communist, Soviet Union I have the feeling that many of the military actions undertaken during this time in the name of "stopping Communism" (such as the intervention in the Salvadoran Civil War) were simply just to insure that the business interests were protected in their exploitation of resources. We should reduce this excessive interventionism. It has led to nothing but human suffering in those nations. At a time when we have a huge debt, accumulated in part due to militarism, we should be discussing how to scale down our involvement in the affairs of foreign nations. George Washington himself warned in his fare well address to not get too involved in foreign entanglements.

  • This keeps us updated

    We can supervise other countries and assist them if needed. In World War II, they needed the U.S. As an ally. The only problem I see is that we become TOO involved and we need to know when to pull back or not even butt in. But overall, yes, it is necessary for us.

  • It does more harm

    I do not get why it gets involved in EVERYTHING that goes on. Let it deal with its own issues before going worldwide because not only is it getting itself in more debt, its creating more problems in the other countries its getting involved it. The US is all about getting resources from other countries and conquering the middle east.

  • Say no to war

    The USA should think of the consequences that come with getting involved in foreign affairs that do not benefit the people that inhibit its land. Nothing comes with violence except continues hatred for the US which may happen if we continue to bombard them when it does not involve us.

  • In a word yes, not that simple though

    What the United States needs to do is cease putting up a false front in world affairs they don't actually care about. It's fine to get involved in this that truly are of importance to this country, but playing world police simply because people expect us to is thankless, expensive work that we don't need.

  • Yes, the U.S should be less involved in world affairs.

    There would be no one who does not acknowledge that it is necessary for the US to involve in world affairs. However, in a sense the US has been exploited by other countries using the self-esteem of the US as a world leading country. If the US considers its involvement in world affairs under more discretion, other countries will do their portion more.

  • No - We Need To Stay Involved

    No, the US should not be less involved in world affairs. The politics and fanaticism of other countries require all nations to maintain a certain involvement in world affairs. It is through helping one another that alliances are built. Third world countries require help – technology and financial help – in order to survive. The United States must always make sure her presence is felt and known throughout the world.

  • Do you want to be fired upon? I didn't think so!

    If we may have a potential threat from bigger countries with a larger army, why would we want to be involved? Not being involved means we have more of a chance of not being a target! If we are involved, we will probably get fired upon more and more! Although, Donald Trump isn't helping us... :(

  • We fule the world

    We provide the world with money, food, and other services. What happens when we stop? We survive and get out of debt, while other countries die. Is that what we want? If we ignore the world, it falls apart. We have problems with other people, but ignoring them does not make them go away

  • We have the right to stay involved

    America should have the right to stay involved and have contact with other countries in the world. The United States is a country of generally positive values, democracy, personal freedom, and federalism. We are given excellent quality of life and the power that we have, it is the duty for Americans to defend the way of life. In the world today, it is near impossible to not have foreign affairs with other countries. It is very important for leaders from different nations to communicate to avoid conflicts.
    If we stop getting involved we won't have alliances or we won't be able to help other countries. We are responsible for helping countries because we are an encouragement. There will always be other conflicts somewhere in the world and we can't help stop it. Also if we stop communicating our world would not be able to function properly

  • What happens if we stop?

    We are in debt to russia, china, and various other nations. Yes that is catastrophic to our economy and the economies of other countries. But what happens when we stop intervening? What happens when we let rouge nations and peoples go unchecked? Go back and look at both world wars. Look at Americas foreign policy back then. We had the same mindset of "not our problem". We let it escalate to such a high level, a man was assassinated. This triggered a catastrophic war that let to 5 million peoples deaths, 110k of them Americans. WW2- We let a lunatic take control of the German government and military, and sat back and watched as he swept across europe before we got involved. Even then, only because we got attacked by one of their allies. That war cost 30 million lives, 407k of which were Americans. In its totality since the war started with iraq, iran, and afghanistan, only 500k people have died. That may seem like a large number, but compared to what happens when we don't get involved, it is NOTHING. Of that 500k only about 20k are american. Since the start. What do you think will be the death toll if we allow another group of insane or fanatic peoples to take control of a "small" nations government and then go unchecked?

  • Stop being hypocrits

    America gets involved in everything, big or small. It bothers me when they give "advise" on human rights. The guantanamo bay is against human rights, shut down the guantanamo bay before you talk about the leaderships in other countries. They dive in to the middle east like its their dads land, go sort Israel out, why don't I hear america taking action for palestine? I know that isreal isn't any better than saddam or bin laden, they are terrorists and america is their pet. America thinks they're a super power... Seriously go sort out your debts, there are at least 47,000,000 people starving in america, but america is too busy splashing money on war and wepons which has nothing got to do with them. This is not about the people of america its about the sly government neglecting its own people and hypocrisy.

  • We have our own problems.

    The United States of America has so many problems at home that we should be dealing with. Just because there is a problem in another country doesn't mean we must go be their police force. It is just ignorant to think that we must stick our noses in everyone else's business.

  • If we stop getting involved, Where does that leave the world?

    There are responsibilities that come with being the world's superpower (economically, militarily, politically, and statistically speaking). Although it is easy to say and wish for that the US pull out of countries, stop "pushing" countries around, and end all involvement that other countries don't like the ugly truth is we can't! We give foreign aid to 100+ countries and anyone you hear complaining from another country about how the US shouldn't get involved is probably receiving foreign aid! If we were to not get involved that would entail stopping foreign aid, military aid, infrastructure rebuilding, water treatment, school building, and government reestablishing! And I don't think that is the best decision for our country nor the world!

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