• I Think So

    Since aquifers aren't easily accessible to humans people often don't take the time to think about them or even realize that they are there. Aquifer's are the source of our water in some locations in the world and some of these aquifers, especially in America's west are being depleted with no know way to replace the sources. I believe this is an issue that deserves more attention and more people should be concerned about it.

  • Absolutely, water is essential

    The coming years will prove that water is the most valuable resource on the planet, and steps must be taken to lessen the impact of water waste. Countries around the world are already fighting and disputing over issues of water shortages, and it won't be long before serious measures are needed to ensure a sustainable supply.

  • Aquifer depletion is a concern

    Aquifer depletion needs to be a concern in America. Especially in the south western portion of America is there a large amount that should concern the government and local officials. T will take a large amount of funds and the tax payers will need to get on board to help fund this.

  • Yes, the US should be more concerned about aquifer depletion.

    Fresh water is the most basic of resources. No other national resource will matter if we run out of water to drink. Though there are options for desalinating sea water, they are costly and energy intensive. The United States needs to take steps to protect our fresh water supplies and slow down aquifer depletion.

  • Access to water is a major concern.

    Yes, I think that the United States should be more concerned about the depletion of its aquifers. It is becoming increasingly clear that the next major wars on Earth will not be fought over oil, but over water. By being concerned about aquifer depletion and replenishment, we can stay away from such conflicts.

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