Should the U.S. be more concerned with radical Islam?

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  • An evident, and growing danger.

    While I don't go in for 'conspiracy theories," what I do see is that there is usually pressure, within the Muslim community, toward things which our country, in the end, will not tolerate, and which we should probably, in my opinion, be taking steps to curtail.

    There’s a range of mosques in the US that are more or less radical. Some, perhaps, are not radical at all. Some definitely are, like The Islamic Society of Boston – where the Tsarnaev brothers (of the Boston bombing) went – and which has many proven ties to terrorism.

    The mosque’s founder, Abdurahman Alamoudi, got 23 years in prison, in 2004, for raising money for Al Qaeda and for plotting terrorism.

    Other mosque officials have tried to send millions of Dollars to Palestinian suicide bombers, have been banned from the U.S. for issuing orders to kill U.S. soldiers, and, in the case of Aafia Siddiqui, “sentenced to 86 years in prison in 2010 for planning a New York chemical attack.”
    So, there is no reasonable doubt, at all, that this mosque has an agenda against the U.S., against the west, and that it teaches people to attack and kill.

    For all Muslims, there is the duty of Jihad – to struggle and resist all who are non-Muslims, and to struggle and resist all policies and institutions that are non-Muslim. I have never seen any real renouncing of this, from any Muslim organization. I also think that if there was, severe action would be taken against them by the majority of Muslim organizations.

    Seems to me that “we” (Americans) are letting it all slide, in the name of tolerance, multi-culturalism, religious freedom and Political Correctness.

    We do have examples of “home-grown terrorists” and Muslim leaders who are preaching not just “struggling and resisting,” but outright killing of non-Muslims and acts of terrorism, and they are at work right now, within the U.S.

    As for the majority of U.S. Muslims, I think there is always pressure toward being more radical. Perhaps it is slight and subtle, or in some mosques it’s more active and virulent. Sometimes it only takes one mullah, speaking in private with one other person, to convince them that it is their “Islamic duty” to engage in outright terrorism.

    Recently, I heard a radio interview with the parent of a young man who had been persuaded to become a suicide bomber, and who fulfilled that mission. It does not take many bombings to make real trouble. The parent was no different than anybody else – they loved their son and was tremendously sad at what had happened. The son had fallen in with the wrong people at a mosque, and the first thing told to the son was that it was his Islamic duty to lie to his parents, to disguise what was happening.

    I do wonder where it’s all going, where it will end up. I wonder how much stuff is being disguised right now. For sure, it’s not “nothing.”

  • Islam is radical..

    Islam is an all encompassing ideology governing all aspects of life much like communism and fascism with a clearly stated objective of making war upon the world until the whole of the world has submitted to it. For 14 centuries there is innumerable evidence of unrelenting warfare, aggression, and imperialism consisting of vast conquests, slavery, and genocide under the banner of Islam.

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