Should the U.S. be threatened by the European Union?

  • My neighbors threaten me

    My neighbors moved here 11 years ago from TN, they threatened me as I tried to work on cars at my home (I'm a mechanic and Native American). They are VERY racist and have been threatening to other neighbors as well. Some have moved and they have moved their family members to those homes. Now they have moved to other cities, probably repeating the same activities there. The homes (and businesses) that remain around me, their residents and employees have European accents(Chech?) and they still threaten myself and other neighbors. Should I contact Homeland Security? NRH, TX

  • No, because the European Union is nothing without the USA.

    Regardless of what the EU does, it cannot work without the support of the USA. The USA is the world's foremost superpower. Even when it comes to the United Nation, the USA has the final vote. Slowly over the last decade, we have seen the European nations come closer and closer together to form a union. Who knows though? Maybe one day, we just might see a one world order. But in my opinion, then we will be seeing revelations in the Bible coming closer and closer to reality.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • The U.S. should not be threatened by the European Union because the nature of world relations is becoming more cooperative.

    The United States should not be threatened by the European Union because it allows the U.S. to better work with Europe as a whole. With the world becoming economically and socially smaller it is more important than ever that all countries work together. The greater the ability of Europe and the United States to work together the greater the overall benefit will be.

    Posted by: esmeraldine
  • Not only of the E.U.

    Not only of the E.U.
    With the growth/spread of the influences: Political, Financial, Moral ( varies within the E.U. as it does in the U.S.), population & Religious, by the migration of peoples. Their beliefs, their laws, their lifestyles & their willingness, (or lack thereof) to become a part of the area they move into cannot help but place pressure on their new neighbors. That pressure then extends beyond the immediate area/country.
    If this minority strives to exert, subvert or change the country(s) they have moved into, then any previous agreements/treaties are placed in jeopardy.
    A migration like that is taking place not only in the E.U. but in the U.S. as well.
    These minorities are pushing to change Legal regulations in their favor, to create countries within Countries where their laws, beliefs & languages prevail. These minorities cannot be ignored & their existence must be taken into account. But when will the tail control the dog?
    The E.U. has become more than just a Confederation of countries created to have a strong unified monetary system. The Confederation that went into creating Switzerland had other common goals, not just financial ones, they had common backgrounds & a willingness to work with each other.
    There have been changes in some of the E.U. legal systems. The established systems have had to add provisions to allow a second legal system to be brought about, separate but of equal validity.
    The E.U.'s lack of a unifying stable background makes them more, not less, likely to sway the U.S.
    The problems now, not just with countries within the E.U. but those outside neighbor countries with their financial, political & belief system problems.
    The E.U. is a big system & it effects, not only Europe, but like the U.S., nearly every point on the globe.
    The E.U. can, by misstep, create such harm, in fact any of the large financial/political systems could.
    We need to be careful, to be prepared, to help if we can, but to protect our own interests & safety. Any large being must be careful where it steps or of what might step on it.

  • The U.S. Should not feel threatened by anyone.

    Adding a bunch of countries with close proximity to another to form a "union" is not the way to achieve world domination, or become a superpower. Members of the EU are allied with the U.S., and the U.S. Will obviously have the final say so in any type of conversation.

  • The EU is a Joke.

    The European Union is not very stable. Many members of the EU are getting corrupt or are extremely bankrupt (Greece for example). Also, other bigger and stronger members of the EU have been long term allies and close friends with the USA and would be very reluctant to just end their friendship because someone else forces them to.

  • The U.S. should not be threatened by the European Union, because a united Europe is more effective and efficient than a divided Europe.

    Many immigrants to the United States can attest to the problems of a divided Europe, when so many countries promote conflict intentionally or unintentionally through differences in goals, language, and currency. Countries focus on their own needs and often do not consider the impact of their decisions and treaties on the rest of the continent. The European Union can promote cooperation and collaboration that does not necessarily threaten the United States.

    Posted by: ShiveringGerard
  • I believe that the European Union is not a threat, because most of the members of the Union are already Allied with the United States.

    The United States is allied with Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and many other members of the European Union. Some have been allies with us since the founding of this country. Other countries joined our side during World War 1 and World War 2. More joined afterwards. Most members of the Union have a form of democracy, in one way or another. I see no reason why our allies would be a threat, or threatening to the United States, in any way.

    Posted by: FabulousGino75
  • The European Union provides many of the same benefits to individual members, the same as the United States provides to its states.

    The European Union provides many of the same benefits to individual members, the same as the United States provides to its states. Although it makes them, in some aspects, stronger, they are still independent in many ways, politically and economically. Many of our traditional allies are members and wish to work with us.

    Posted by: ColossalJeramy56
  • The US has no reason to feel threatened by the EU.

    While they may seem like a formidable force economically, the USA is already in a recession and there is no reason to feel threatened by the EU. Not only that, but the EU has problems of their own to deal with. Many countries like Greece and Italy are in debt.

    Posted by: AboriginalKing28
  • The U.S. should not be threatened by the European Union, because our economy can stand on its own.

    The United States Economy is strong. We have a good currency, and we have great people. We have many businesses that compete internationally, and we have a wealthy nation. We should not be threatened, just because another economic system is doing well. We are able to succeed and grow, and to grow with other nations and systems. We don't have to be the wealthiest and the best at everything to be a strong country.

    Posted by: DizzyCasey
  • The U.S. is evolving at the same rate as the European Union.

    The United States has no reason to feel threatened by the European Union. Just like it has taken time for America to become the strong powerful force that it has, it will take time for the European Union. During this time the United States will be evolving and will find ways to compete with another strong force as well as hold its ground.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • No, the U.S. should not feel threatened by the European Union, because many of its members have been long-term allies.

    Too many of the countries that make up the European Union are either neutral, or have strong ties with the United States to prevent them from ever being a collective threat. If anything, the European Union would act to further good relations with the U.S. for trade benefits with its members that may not like the U.S. as much as some of the other members.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • No, the U.S. should not be threatened by the European Union, because it provides a stable unified trading partner with a huge market.

    Dealing with one currency and the stable governments in Europe is preferable over doing business with dozens of countries that have potentially conflicting laws and different currencies. It has worked well for several years now, and I don't see it changing.

    Posted by: StunnaRett

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