Should the U.S. become involved in the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine?

  • God, I hope we don't, but I think we might have to.

    I would rather that we did not. But the United States may indeed have to get involved in the Ukraine - Russian conflict. Vladimir Putin is a dangerous man, an ex-KGB agent from the Soviet era. His actions could very well start a third world war. But I hope we won't have to go it alone and that the UN or NATO will intervene.

  • No he he

    The US should get involved President Obama should denounce the actions made by the Russian government. The United States should also propose a resolution in the UN to denounce Russia's behavior by invading a legitimate government. The UN should put sanctions on Russia. If military intervention is necessary, let it be from the European Union since the current problem originated when Ukraine joined the EU.

  • Stop the Bear in its tracks.

    If we don't stop Russian aggression now in Ukraine, do we want to wait for the embolden hordes of Putin's troops to pour through the Fulda Gap into Western Europe? I say NO!!!!!!! Now is the time for Russia to pay the price for its aggression on a country which wants to exercise it right for free choice and enjoy to enjoy the fruits of liberty.

  • I belive we should get involved with russia.

    I think we should attack russia. We should attack russia while their weak because what if they do more. They could go and a smaller lesser contry and take them out as we do nothing because that contry has no economic value. They could kill and slaughter inesent people but if they dont do that they still are threating to attack ukraine and if they do europe will get involved so where does that leave us? Help our allies or sit around and do nothing while thousands are killed!

  • We have the best military

    I think we should be involved because we have the best military ranking of the whole world. Ukraine needs help fighting russia since they are not very high up on the military ranking list so since we have an advantage i think we should help them and get involved in the war.

  • A Dangerous Precedent

    America and other countries should be more responsive and take a defensive role in this terrible situation. Not only have approximately 4,000 people already been killed and a further 9,000 wounded, but 5.2 more million people are living in the conflict zone. It seems that economic sanctions aren't fazing Putin, who continued to deny sending military aid to the Ukranian rebels at the recent G20 summit. The United States should step in and do something more to prevent not only the devastating loss of life, but also to protect international law on the whole. If there aren't any consequences (or at least any that seem to matter), what's to stop further violations? If Ukraine falls, what is to stop Russia from stepping up their already bullying attitude towards their neighbors? By allowing Russia to get away with their aggressive and illegal actions, we are setting a dangerous precedent for the international stage, perhaps even comparable to when Hitler was allowed to walk away with conquering first Austria and portions of Czechoslovakia all in the name of protecting ethnic Germans.

  • We have a stronger army

    We are the strongest in the world, and Russia needs to see the mistake they are making. Getting involved could also just mean a meeting where a treaty is signed or whatever, but anything then getting innocent Ukrainian people killed. The economy in Russia is dwindling really quickly :( :(

  • The US and Russia should put pressure on both groups in the Ukraine to negotiate.

    The problem in Ukraine is that the population is devided in 2 very strong minded sides. At the end of 2013 people in Western Ukraine protested against the then president Viktor Yanukovich who was Russian orientated. The protest looked more like civil war than demonstrations. Now a similar situation is happening in Eastern Ukraine becaues of a president that is West orientated. The solution for this situation is obvious if you remove the Russian and American motives. So lets bring peace to the Ukraine by forcing both groups to talk and negotiate.

    Somebody from the rainbow nation South Africa who learned that negotiations can bring solutions.

  • One does not simply not get involved in the status quo

    The world is way too interconnected to let this slip by unchallenged. The repercussions of this military action will be felt regardless if US intervenes or not, so it may work out better for the US if we do. Obama should not let Putin off too easily like Putin has gotten in the past.

  • We are Already Involved Diplomatically and Economically

    We are attempting to work as a moderator for this conflict and gathering support for Ukraine. Ukraine has a right to establish a new government and to their self-interest of joining the EU. Putin is just attempting to make real his dream to recreate the Soviet Union as much as possible in this modern era. Putin shouldn't be a leader in this post-Cold War era and is stuck in the past. We are already involved and can help Ukraine achieve true independence and establish their new democratic government to have a new beginning.

  • Russians have bombs too.

    The USA is not the only military with bombs guys, it would cause endless destruction (even though we would win of course). It's not our business and if it does become our business THEN we go for it but sit back and relax for now. And fight the fight we're already in.

  • We should encourage a peaceful settlement

    I did speak before in favor of armed intervention but I have rethought my position. We do not want to escalate things and possibly bring nukes into the conflict. Crimea has asked for a referendum for greater autonomy (not even independence) at the end of the month. If Ukraine agrees to this then maybe that will satisfy Russia.

  • Yeah, reminds me of that other war.

    Some country says, "hey, that country has plenty of our people, we have a right to take it, after all it was ours", then it escalates. Stay out! Do NOT get involved! I can't even imagine what could happen if Russia allied with the Chinese.

    The US is already involved enough, any more disastrous intervention in the States and there could be big consequences. This is not some patch of desert. This is not a minuscule threat like terrorism. This is Russia, and Russia is a breath away from an alliance with the Chinese. Both of those countries could annihilate anybody with nuclear weapons. We don't want a dog in this fight.

    On a side note, all this talk about "unwarranted aggression" makes me laugh. Didn't we do that once? Oh no, we did that countless times. Shall I list all the "unwarranted aggression" the States has partaken in?

    A centuary ago - Phillipines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam,
    More interventions
    50 Years ago - Guatemala, Korea, Phillipines (again), Vietnam, Iraq,
    More interventions
    10 years ago - Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen, Syria
    it goes on and on

  • Ukraine is not vital to US interests

    The US does not need to become involved with the crisis in Ukraine. Ukraine is not extremely important to the US. Because of this, the US should obviously not involve militarily. Doing so can provoke Russia even further, which is not very smart because it could create a violent force from Russia. Russia has violated international law, so instead of acting alone, the US should wait to act with the rest of the international community, whether it be diplomatically, economically, or unfortunately militarily.

  • We must stay out of it

    If we become involved in the Ukraine/Russia conflict, we're asking for World War 3. Our troops are already entangled in the Middle East conflict and it is not our responsibility to intervene in every conflict that occurs. This conflict is not directly harming us, so I think it is unnecessary for Obama to send troops.

  • No, I don't think the US should become more involved in the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine.

    I believe the United States getting involved in this conflict will just worsen already cold relations between Russia and the United States, I don't believe the United States has any right or obligation to intervene in a conflict far away from the United States and overall will just make the situation worse.

  • The U.S. should not become involved with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

    The U.S. should not become involved with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. I believe the situation will sort its self out. Russia is one of the larger suppliers of gas to the European Union. I don't think it would be smart to upset that trading agreement. Ukraine has a neighboring agreement with the EU. Moscow could potentially take a huge financial hit if trading was upset.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I do not believe United States should become involved in the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. Russia is protecting their access to ports they consider very important. The United States would move to protect their interests if they were threatened so we should not condemn Russia for acting in the same way we would.

  • No background, no interests, no involvement.

    Before there was a United States, there was the Battle of Poltava. Before the United States entered World War I, there were both Russian and Ukrainian deaths against the Austrians and Germans. I do not remember the U.S. fighting Ottomans in Crimea or that that the U.S. liberated Kiev. What blood and treasure have we lost in that part of Europe? I believe that the peoples involved should resolve their own disputes. Our involvement can only make the civil war there worse. If the European states wish to involve themselves, that is their option. They are closer to the situation but they should consider the fact that these same states have a poor track record in eastward invasions. Europe's failure in incorporating Russia into pan European structures are now bearing some bitter fruit.

  • No intervention whatsoever.

    The United States has not won a war since WWII, in which we were forced to for national security. We're 0-5. Why would Ukraine be any different. The only thing guaranteed in war is that people die. We should not put young American men and women into harms way unless absolutely necessary. Are dead 18yr old Marines really worth Ukraine?Are you willing to send spec ops to rescue tortured American POWS? Washington assures us that we are only sending 'advisers'. Kennedy sent 'advisers' to Vietnam and 58,000 Americans died. Name one country the US has recently been involved in that benefited from our involvement. Can't think of any? I wonder why. Even more than that, are YOU willing to fight and die in Ukraine? Or send your children, siblings, or lose a parent over there? If the answer is no then you have no right asking the military to fight in Ukraine. America doesn't sacrifice when Washington gets involved, the American people do. Ukraine IS NOT WORTH IT. Let them fend for themselves.

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