• Israel is a pariah state that should be boycotted by the international community

    Israel continues to flout international law on a wholesale basis, and its illegal occupation of Palestine and its oppression of Arabs in Israel has been widely condemned by the United Nations and numerous human rights organisations. In addition, Israel is possesses nuclear weapons but refuses to sign up to the Treaty on Nuclear Non Proliferation or allow independent inspection of her nuclear facilities.

    By politically, militarily and financially supporting the Israeli regime the US has made many enemies in the Arab world and has lost the respect of other developed nations in Europe and Asia. America must join the international community in condemning Israeli aggression and the persecution of Arabs, and boycott Israel just as the US boycotts other rogue nations.

  • The US should boycott Israel

    If we don't boycott Israel then most of the Arab countries would hate us. The Israeli soldiers in the west bank killed many innocent Palestinians in the west bank. The Israeli soldiers didn't give free speech to them. The United States should stop selling weapons to Israel. The Palestinians don't have rights, they don't have water because sometimes Israelis turned it off. The reason why they build settlements is because of Zionism which is Jewish nationalism. The reason why Israelis shoot Palestinian protesters because they think they're antisemitic. If we stop giving weapons to Israelis, we can save Palestinians lives.

  • There a few things you should know about Israel.

    It does not have a national constitution. A National constitution is a national ethic code the country bases their laws on. Israel lacks one.
    What does this country stands for? We can't know, as there is nothing stating the basic morals of this country. As things are now, no law in Israel can be labeled as unconstitutional and revoked, because there is noting providing the basis of what could be considered "constitutional"

    It is a tyranny. The country is only providing for its jewish population, leaving all the others to fend for themselves, and even doing things harder for them (will come back to this point later).
    Israel wants, Israel do. Until now there are a lot of immoral things going on in that place, including inhuman treatment of people. Their government even refuses to dialogue with Palestine to end the conflict in a peaceful way.
    They have, and use, chemical weapons, like white phosphorous (it is illegal internationally)
    They have the hasbara, a group dedicated to censor anything putting Israel in a bad light. They work in several languages, and even intervene in the web.
    Also, no one in the world gets a massive undeserved reputation. If you hear something all the time, from many different, unrelated sources, it is probably true.
    Take all this into account, and think if they deserve a boycott.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • No, it should not.

    I do not believe in boycotts (or embargoes) on countries. This limits us and is an extension of ego. How a country conducts itself is its own business and its culture and internal politics (however repugnant someone outside might find them) is a matter for their own handling. The only thing bans accomplish is cutting off our outside influence from offering them an alternative path, should they choose it.

  • No, boycotting Israel wouldn't help anything.

    Despite the amount of aid Israel receives from the US, they are a self-sufficient nation with a powerful military, and, lest we forget, nuclear weapons. Boycotting them wouldn't help any problems in the region, but it would isolate them further and perhaps force them to play the strongest cards they have - and those are dangerous ones.

  • No, the U.S. should not boycott Israel.

    If the U.S. were to boycott Israel, they would effectively abandon their only friend in the region that shares the same views of morality, justice and equality. Pandering to the rest of the region and boycotting Israel require the U.S. to abandon the moral compass of the founding fathers and cave to countries that promote the de-valuing of women, abuse of children, lack of education of girls, and the use of violence towards dissenting views. This is simply not acceptable. We need to stick by Israel, and simply voice our dissent when we disagree with their actions, but maintain our alliance.

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