• Yes - Its only a bit of fun!

    I feel the US should celebrate Singles Day, we already have a Valentines Day for couples, so why not a Singles Day? I can see it causing no harm, and would be another reason to have a party, even if you are in a relationship! At the end of the day, nobody would be forced to celebrate it!

  • The US doesn't need another holiday!

    Singles Day would be just another one of those unnecessary holidays that fill the bars and clubs. China celebrating Singles Days is great for China, but here in the US I don't feel it holds any value as a holiday. There are many singles meet and greets all over and one could argue we celebrate singles day all throughout the year.

  • No, the U.S. should not celebrate "Singles Day" like China does.

    No, the U.S. should not celebrate "Singles Day" like China does. I do not see cause for celebration on not finding the person to make you happy for the rest of your life. If the fact is just to have a party and meet new people, we call that Friday night in the western world.

  • US is free to celebrate whatever it likes

    Citizens in the US should be welcome to celebrate whatever it likes but should "singles day" be a date in the calendar, no.
    We have so many options open to us for dating that we do not need further help like the geographically isolated Chinese citizens who lack the freedom and money to travel, to use the internet, and so on.

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