Should the U.S. citizens who do not participate in the democratic process be penalized?

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  • Not When Our Representatives Don't Even Vote All The Time.

    It would be just like our elected representatives to enact a law which would penalize a citizen for not voting, when they themselves don't vote all the time. Before any US citizen could be penalized, they would first need to address their own lack of support for democracy. It would be wonderful if we all went to the polls, as an informed citizenry, and support the candidate of our choice. But then we need to address the issue of biased information we receive from the media. Even the Dem and Rep party officials are biased toward their choice of candidate. A well informed public is key, but the government nor the media seem to support us.

  • America Is Free

    I do not believe that United States citizen who do not participate in the democratic process should be penalized. America is suppose to have ideals that fit into the ideals of freedom. Making people participate in the democratic process would go against those ideals. We are far better off to let people make their own decision.

  • No not in our system

    I do not think that those who do not participate in democracy should be punished in the US. I think a great part of the US is the freedoms we have. If someone chooses to have the freedom not to partake in Democracy it should be their right to decide that.

  • It would wreck our country.

    I used to think that it would be a good idea to penalize people who can't be bothered to vote, but then I realized what might happen if that were so. Can you imagine some sullen, resentful and apolitical person entering the ballot box to vote on things they don't understand? It's bad enough the Tea Party does it.

  • We Have Right to Partake or Not

    Americans have the right to be as active or passive in their democratic process as they want to be. We can vote or choose not to. We can attend townhall meetings or not. America can be seen as a country of "bread and circuses" with our super-mega-buffets and reality television. However, our country would become exceptional again if more of us took pride in our republic and showed up to affect political change.

  • They Already Are

    American citizens who do not participate in the democratic process are already penalized. Since they chose not to voice there opinion they have no right to speak against elected officials because they did not participate. I believe these people have penalized themselves, however I do think it would be right to penalize them further or under a new law.

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