Should the U.S. Constitution be amended to allow foreign-born citizens to become president?

  • No the Constitution should not be changed for this matter.

    First of all, the U.S has bigger problems to worry about. Next, in my opinion I believe one who is going to be representing the U.S should be FROM the U.S. This is not meant to be racist in any way at all, but I guess in a way I understand how it could be interpreted that way especially sense just about everything is thought of that way lately. I also understand how having a Foreign born citizen as our president could be beneficial for alliances but it could also drive so called "enemies" into the country. If we make this change, we could have the wrong kind of person ruling our country forming alliances with the wrong people and tearing apart what we've worked so hard to achieve. Although, anybody could do that without being foreign or not. I not only understand, but I believe that everybody should be given the same chances and opportunities as everybody else but, like most of everything, there has to be lines drawn and I guess that line is drawn here. The last thing I'm going to say is, I do believe a Foreign born citizen could lead this country and honestly, if they had a good plan and they showed what we need, I would vote for them. I guess I'm just rambling on the subject and showing no one side.

  • They should participate.

    If they are allowed, more people will want to become a candidate. They may be able to help more countries in trade and defense. I'm not saying people like J.B will become presidents, I am saying people may be eager and may be able to help our country. I am not saying people who know very little should. I am speaking for educated people who have ideas for the U.S.A . I am saying people also who have spent most of their lives in the US. May also be able to participate.

  • Yes, the U.S. Constitution should be amended.

    I believe we should amend the Constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to become presidents, as long as they lived the majority of their lives in the United States. I think there are families who come here from other countries and value the United States just as much as we do. Our country needs good leaders and I don't think having been foreign born should stop someone who has the potential to lead us well.

  • Yes it should.

    I think that the United States Constitution should be amended to allow foreign-born citizens to become president. I think that if someone moved here at a very young age, or has lived here a long time, they should be allowed to be president. As long as they meet other requirements necessary for the job.

  • Foreign-born might mean another allegiance.

    The U.S. Constitution should not be amended to allow foreign-born citizens to become president. Only people born in the USA should have the legal right to become the supreme Commander in Chief. Without this, a candidate might still hold some kind of allegiance to a foreign countrym and we can't have that in our President.

  • No, there are enough candidates.

    No, the US Constitution should not be amended to allow foreign-born citizens to become president, because there are enough qualified candidates for president without allowing foreign-born citizens to become president. There could be an issue with loyalty if a foreign born person were president. Someone could claim to love our country only to become elected and then fail to act in our best interests.

  • Foreign-born people lack a small but significant distinction

    With the question of Obama's birthplace still being talked about, it is understandable that the policy come into question. Why does the US not allow foreign born citizens to run for president? The answer is simply this: If we cannot find anyone suitable to run our country within our own natural citizenry, then we should give up pretending to be a nation.

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