Should the U.S. Constitution be amended to allow voting for felons nationwide?

  • Yes It Should

    I was completely unaware of this stipulation until the 2012 election when my boyfriend informed be about it. He is one of the people that has lost his right to vote because he has been convicted of a felony. I think the US Constitution should be amended to allow these people to vote. These people have been impacted by the government more than the common purpose and this right has been revoked for unjust reasons.

  • You can't lose rights

    Traditionally, a person convicted of a felony is stripped of their basic rights in society indefinitely, including the right to vote. This should not be the case, as a felon has one advantage that most voters do not, and that is how the justice and prison systems in this country are working, and they should have a say in voting.

  • Voting does not really matter so sure.

    The thing about voting is that it does not really matter at all anyway so why not allow felons to participate. This would allow for us to keep tags on them easier, as at that time we would know where they were. Also, the whole point of letting them out in the first place is because they paid for their crimes, so why charge them twice?

  • No, I'd rather it not be.

    A felon has broken a serious law in our country and it has often involved violence against another person or persons. So I do not think that it is too much punishment to ensure that they do not get the right to vote for how the government will be run.

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