Should the U.S constitution be re-written and updated?

Asked by: Eca
  • Yes it should:

    The Constitution should be rewritten in plain language that does not require ambiguous or scrutinizing and scalding argumentation. For instance the second amendment should just be "Can we haz guz? Yus", that's it, because that's about all it's worth right now; it refers specifically to a time period over 200 years ago and has to be "interpreted" which is basically saying it has to be BS'd into the present. Why do that?

    Also, the first amendment needs to be shortened with an extremely explicitly clear explanation of what "Freedom of Speech" actually means. Something like a bullet point presentation of:

    1. No, it does not mean you can say whatever you want where ever you want. It never did.
    2. No, you may not yell fire in a building.
    3. No, you may not threaten other people legally even if just musing.
    4. No, it doesn't protect your fraudulent BS.
    5. No, it doesn't apply to your nonsense on the internet.
    6. All it does is prevent the govt. From stopping from having a rational discussion about the government whether for or against it.

    That would STILL be too complicated though. Then update the 19th (I think) to say "Everybody is the same. Behave." /end.

  • The Supreme court can't do it on their own forever.

    I believe the Constitution should be updated, but not rewritten.
    For instance, the all or nothing system used by all but two states I believe during presidential elections needs to be banned at a federal level. Voters have low confidence in their ability to affect elections especially those who live in state that votes opposite them. Getting rid of the all or nothing system would help raise people's confidence in the political process.
    Many of the greatest acts of social justice have happened in the Supreme Court, and it is time the Constitution reflected modern culture.
    Also there are heavy debates on how privacy of ones self and their effects factors into the digital age. This as well as other modern developments make the Constitution hard to follow as the world becomes more modern. The amendment system can go a long way, but a Constitutional Convention would be much more long term.

  • Why do you think the Founding Father's made room for amendments?

    Because they knew that the world would change and the code of law from their time would not be viable forever. One of the amazing qualities of the constitution is that it can evolve properly over time. There is no universal "right" and "wrong". The law defines what is right and what is wrong, and a law that doesn't allow for what's right and wrong to evolve will not stand the test of time.

  • Yes I should be

    The US constitution supports slavery, non-equal rights for women, unclear and highly debated gun laws that need to be re-written and updated. It is causing mass debate whereas we could be debating more important topics and problems that we have in the 21st century, not old and outdated 18th century problems.

    Posted by: Eca
  • No Reason Not To

    No document is infallible, and the Constitution has its faults like any 250 year old legal document that is mapped onto modern issues. I think the goal should be to keep most of same sections and provisions as the original, but to more clearly protect marginalized groups so they can't be up for debate

  • Rewritten, but not destroyed.

    The US constitution is without a doubt one of the greatest pieces of of republican thought in history and, the first mechanism formally made by it. Unfortunately as the first great piece of work in its kind There were no other republican constitutions to base their work on nor any ideas for how to improve upon the design of the new government. No matter how great the prototype is a thing of such complexity will inevitably have flaws.

    Now that there are dozens of constitutional republics in the world, many of which used our constitution as an inspiration the US finally has enough data to create the greatest piece of constitutional law in existence. We can use the experiences of all the other countries , their failures and successes, the different iterations and subtle deviations from the baseline.We can use them all to craft the perfect constitution for our country instead of using an old, outdated prototype.

  • The constitution is outdated.

    Much like the bible, the constitution needs to be updated so that it can relate to modern times. The US and the world has changed a lot since it was first written and not all still applies, while new issued need to be implemented. Our once great nation is falling behind the rest of the world because of it.

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  • Absolutely Not, No Way!!!

    If the Constitution were to be rewritten today, do you have any idea how many hogwash laws would be made? You'd have socialists make sure that people have a right to a job, gun control groups get rid of the 2nd Amendment, green groups would ban oil drilling on American soil, and all sorts of terrible rules. It's best the Constitution remain the same, and be perceived exactly as it is written. Freedom of speech means you can't punish someone for what they say. Right to bear arms means you can own firearms and can't be punished for having it.

  • No. It is a living document and does not need to be rewritten

    That's why we have the amendment process. So the constitution can be altered without the specific text being changed. Our nations laws are built around the framework of the document. Every time we consider whether a law is just or not, we look at it's constitutionality.

    It is a brilliant text, and the amendments make it all the more brilliant.

    If people would stop voting for ignorant tea party fools who do not respect our constitution, and warmongers who refuse to repeal unconstitutional laws, we might actually be able to pass an amendment or two.

  • The constitution is fine how it is.

    The constitution was written by our forefathers, and they knew what they were talking about. Our country is amazing, even if there were some struggles on the way. But we overcame our differences and worked together, although it doesn't show sometimes. We don't need a new constitution. Ours is good enough!

  • We have strayed from our Constitution...

    Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution when we established ourselves as a nation. We have strayed far from what our founding fathers originally intended, that does not mean it needs to be rewritten, it means we need to get back on track! Our government has taken powers from the states, and violated our Constitution. If we rewrote the Constitution with the corrupt government we have now, we would have all our rights taken away. I can guarantee that.

  • That's a absolutely terrible idea.

    It starts out being updated than we need to update it again and again... Until we have no rights left. Please don't buy into this garbage people say. The constitution needs to be protected. It can't be revised or updated. It needs to keep us safe from threats. It's very important.

  • They Had a Better Idea

    The people who came up with the United States Constitution had a better idea for a lifestyle than what was available under British Rule. After gaining independence from the British, The Americans wanted freedoms far in excess of what they had under the British. The United States Constitution guaranteed that Americans would always be the most free people on Earth. Let's not mess with that.

  • Should the Constitution Be Rewritten? NO.

    The process of rewriting the constitution in this age would be too difficult. Parties and people would be too divided on politics, to decide what policies the constitution should have. Just because the constitution has issues (even if we rewrote it, it still would have issues), doesn't mean we can't work through our problems; instead of "running away" from them. Our Constitution has gotten us where we are today, and it will continue to do so. Our constitution provides us with unity and freedom, and safe guards the peace.

  • No, it is our foundation

    We have a constitution that was written for our country when we needed it the most. Some things may seem out dated or hard to interpret but the primary principles of it still apply today. Yes times change and with it things need to adapt but this document is what states our country, it's something that should be preserved and abided by. It is our foundation.

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  • Should the U.S. Constitution be re-written and updated. Heck no!

    I believe the Constitution has a process to add, remove or modify amendments, but not the Constitution itself.

    What would the majority of Americans what to be changed in our great Constitution? Please don't quote a Poll number that reflect only .00006% of the majority of Americans.
    Let me guess ... The 2A would be first on the chopping block, right?
    The process ... Say to repeal the 2A as an example.

    Repeal an amendment:
    Votes required: 2/3 house (288), senate (66) and States Legislations (30)
    Votes required: 3/4 House (327), 3/4 Senate (75) and States Legislations (38)

    Also the President has no action in this .. No veto powers.

    Currently, with a Republican majority in both House and Senate, and 32 Governorships and 23 Republican controlled State Congresses .... Don't hold your breath.

    Now, amending the 14th Amendment to re-define a US Citizen and anchor babies .... Liberals would be shaken down to their souls ... If they have one.

    So, who still wants to bring up re-writing the Constitution??

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evangambit says2014-09-09T12:49:17.270
Is this asking if a Constitutional Convention should be called or if we can directly choose how/where it should be changed? I think most can agree it has at least certain parts that have become antiquated, but if this question is the former, I'm not sure I'm actually in favor of re-rolling those particular set of dice.
BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T10:54:55.963
No we have the amendments for that