Should the U.S. Constitution be updated and revised for modern times?

  • Change is Constant

    We are in a ever changing world. So why be afraid of change if it is
    already happening all around you. Some amendments are just not up to par
    with today's society. It still says that African Americans are 3/5 of a
    human that is ridiculous and needs to be changed.

  • We Need to Upgrade the Constitution

    When the Constitution was written more than 200 years ago, we did not have many of the things and issues we have in today’s world. No electricity, radio, television, internet, social media, CNN or FOX news. We have grown and matured. We have issues today that did not exist back then. We must make some possible revisions concerning the First and Second Amendments with clearer language. What about the problems of hatred and biased news coverage of individuals? There should be a requirement, whether an add on to the First Amendment or a separate one to require all news coverage to be totally fair coverage and not biased as we have seen with President Trump.

    What about the issues of (illegal) immigration? There needs to be something put in to address the problems of illegal immigrants. Currently, we have immigrants from all over into this country illegally.

    The current Constitution is outdated and simply needs an overhaul!

  • Update the U.S. constitution

    I am suggesting updating the U.S. Constitution to align our countries current issues with the 21st century. Our political views are thoroughly misaligned with the wishes of a free society. In the year 2016 many Americans believe that the Second Amendment was somehow chiseled in stone by our founding fathers and nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Yes, the U.S. Constitution should be updated.

    Yes, I believe that the U.S. Constitution should be updated and revised for the modern times. It is even stated in the Constitution that we need to do this every once in a while. Our forefathers were smart and clever and thought of this ahead of time, knowing how much things can change in a society. The other reason it should be revised or updated is because of technology. There are many things that are prevalent in our society that were not around when it was written.

  • Updating the language and potentially adding more.

    The way the Constitution was worded leaves a lot of loopholes for people. We should try to close all the ones that are damaging to our democracy and add more time sensitive parts. There should also be a section on foreign policy. When the Constitution was written, They did not have worries such as the Internet, Mass shootings, And more.

  • Growing and adapting, supporting the America they wanted!

    This world has changed a lot since the Constitution was amended. Why do many in this country fall back on the "it's my second amendment right" and stop the conversation. Will it take every single American to be affected personally by losing a family member the force a change? It's going to be a bumpy ride!

  • Founding Fathers Insight

    The Constitution is not something that should be changed by the current whims of popularity, The Founders were very smart, To gain further insight read some of their notes about crafting the Constitution, "These rights exist regardless if we put pen to paper, They are inherent to All mankind". Meaning the Constitution simply acknowledges these rights, They don't change or evolve, They are timeless

  • No the constitution does not need to be changed.

    It has worked this far, Hasn't it? Why change what doesn't need to be changed? Our founding fathers wrote the constitution to bypass time and it has. The ammendments and constitution was written vaguely and can be used to fit in with our societies new issues that occur, And our agenda.

  • No it shouldnt

    That would be communist are you communist we might as well just be communist how do you think weve become the number 1 country in the world yall are communist you librals these days "guns hurt my feeling" we are all in danger focus on the main issue here should we have caterpillar sanctuaries

  • Outside new amendments to the constitution, enhancing the original document, what part of the constitution has become irrelevant?

    Serious question - what part has been overtaken by events? What part have we grown out of?

    The question is vague, and presents no visibility on what would possibly be in need of change. As far as I can see, the amendment process is valid, and the original constitution is still a shining example of building a free world.

  • It's Built To Withstand Time

    A major purpose of the US Constitution was to create a system of government that can withstand time, which is exactly what our Constitution has done. The Constitution and it's Amendments have been constructed with vague language that is up for interpretation. Throughout history, these things have been interpreted in different ways based on what is needed for the time. In addition, the fact that we can amend the Constitution, and have done so 27 times, shows that our Contitution allows for a process to make permenant changes to the Constitiution if necessary.

    The US Constitution is the longest standing in the world for a reason.

  • The Constitution has worked so far

    No, I do not believe that the U.S. Constitution should be updated and/or revised for the modern times. The original Constitution can be interpreted to match the issues that go on in the world today, it not need to be changed. This is a good time for the saying, if it's not broke, don't fix it.

  • The first one worked.

    No, the U.S. Constitution should not be updated and revised for modern times, because people and the U.S. Supreme Court still take far too many liberties when it comes to the constitution. Anymore, the U.S. Supreme Court says that there is nothing that Congress cannot make a law about in the name of the commerce clause.

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