• Discontinuing Sanctions Would Condone Iran's Nuclear Threats To Democracy.

    Iran, even with harsh sanctions, continues to play hard ball with the world regarding the threat of nuclear weapons. Iran's leader has publicly announced that he would use nukes against Israel, the stalwart of democracy in the Middle East. The USA must take a strong stance against countries who's base constituents are terrorists ready to invade the world and force them to submit to their version of God. The U.S. must continue its sanctions on Iran.

  • Ignoring Iran Air 655

    Sanctions are a terrible way of apologizing to Iran for the downing of Iran Air Flight 655. Sanctions are a way of saying that we are right, you are wrong, and you must repent. The US has not made enough restitution to Iran and to the families of the victims. Indeed, this very event has fueled hostilities by Iran against western civilians. Sanctions in themselves are also a way of blatantly acknowledging that the diplomatic situation between two countries is not good. The US must restore relations with Iran, at the very least on a trading basis.

  • No, I don't!

    The United States needs to take care of our own problems, instead of trying to be a policeman to the world. We need to pull our troops out of Iran and start taking care of our bad economy. We need to start thinking of ways to pay back our trillion dollar deficit and solve our own economic problems.

  • No the U.S should not continue

    No, the U.S should discontinue its sanctions on Iran. It will keep building conflicts and possibly lead to something more intense. Iran is an export of China and Russia. This will lead conflicts between these other nations and that would not be a good idea for the U.S economy or the U.S in general

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