Should the U.S. continue to pursue energy independence?

  • Yes, The Us should

    The United States should be energy independent so then we cant be "blackmailed" by the middle east. The middle east pretty much have our heart in their hands. Since we are the biggest junkie on oil waiting for that fix Middle east can just say nope unless you give us...

  • If We Want To Truly Be Independant, Yes.

    I can't really think of a single reason why not to seek energy independence. Why any country would want to be dependent on others for its energy needs is beyond me. I only hope that as we seek solutions to our energy problems, we shift towards greener, renewable energy rather than simply drilling and mining whenever and wherever we feel we need.

  • Yes, the US should continue to pursue energy independence

    It is vitally important that the United States pursue and achieve energy independence. I feel it is a matter of national security for us to be as self sufficient as possible in this area. I do not believe in protectionism, but as unstable as the Middle East continues to become, we can not afford to be beholding to that area. We need to be serious about expanding the areas for drilling and exploration in the US, along with pursuing legitimate, and cost effective alternatives for energy.

  • Yes.

    The United States should defiantly continue to pursue energy independence. Being energy independent would be a huge achievement for the country. It would allow the US to not depend on unreliable Middle Eastern countries and countries like Russia to meet energy needs. Achieving the goal would also save the United States so much money, and as a result it would be great for the struggling economy.

  • Yes, energy independence is good

    The US needs to pursue energy independence as quickly as possible. Not only will this free us from the political squabbling in the middle east, it will also force development of alternative energy sources because oil reserves in the US are not high enough for us to achieve energy independence. Energy independence will create more jobs and cleaner technology for the future as well as having political benefits.

  • Yes, the US needs to pursue and acheive energy independence as quickly as possible.

    Oil is not the answer. Foreign oil is a failed test. It may appear as though the wars in the Middle East succeeded in regards to America's quest to claim natural resources. But oil reached it's peak in the mid 80's, meaning the world is using more than what is naturally produced, and we run out within most of our lifetimes. Energy independence shouldn't mean that we are separating ourselves from other nations in this goal. People need to talk about energy independence from oil, each other.,

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