Should the U.S. continue to try and bring democracy to other countries that are communist or with other types of dictatorial systems?

Asked by: MsDeafy
  • The U.S. shoud continue to try and bring democracy to other countries.

    It's important to spread democratic ideals to other countries that are oppressed by dictators or oligarchies. Although armed conflict doesn't always work, diplomacy and soft power go a long way towards influencing people's ideas. We can make democracy look more attractive to the people of the world, and in this way they will fight for changes in their own countries.

  • We are not the world police.

    The United States should be in the business of being the United States. We shouldn't be the world police, we shouldn't be trying to export democracy or usurp the local political preferences. If asked for help, I think we should. But beyond that, we need to move our focus inward to solve our domestic problems.

  • The U.S. Shouldn't Spend the Majority of its Money Overseas

    The U.S. Is spending billions of dollars on military aid and help to countries that haven't fully developed. Instead of spending money on foreign countries issues with their government, we need to fix ours. Our government is trillions of dollars in debt, and instead of continuing to build up that debt, we should be paying it off with the excess billions from foreign affairs. Nobody helped the U.S. Set up it's government, so why should be helping others when we have cities in America that are going bankrupt, like Detroit? The U.S. Needs to be spending it's money on improving our future like in environmental and educational departments.

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