• Yes stricter laws will help

    Stricter gun laws will certainly help in the US. The benefits of the laws far out weigh the negative impacts. What people have to realize though is that stricter laws will not solve the gun violence in America. It may help stop some crimes but more still is needed to stop violence.

  • Yes, we need more gun control.

    The United States is among the most violent countries anywhere on the earth and we have more guns than many other cultures. We need to be creating stricter gun control laws so that people can not buy them without giving information about themselves so that we know where the guns are and with whom.

  • I think so.

    I think that the loop hole should be closed in gun shows and that universal background checks should become law. I also believe that everyone who owns a gun should go through safety training courses and psychiatric evaluation. If criminals ignore those laws, they go to jail and they are taken off the streets.

  • US Should Have Stricter Gun Laws

    Yes, the United States should create stricter gun laws to ensure that guns do not fall in to the hands of the mentally ill or of previous criminal offenders. Under present gun laws in many states, a mentally ill individual or previous offender may purchase a gun with no background check. This should change for safety reasons.

  • The United States needs stricter laws on automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

    Although it is reasonable to own weapons intended for hunting or self-defense, private citizens do not have a legitimate need for owning automatic or semi-automatic weapons, particularly those that use magazines to distribute mass ammunition. These types of weapons are used for neither hunting nor self-defense and have no place in the hands of private citizens.

  • Gun Laws aren't Working

    Guns are not the problem, but they can often give criminals the means to inflict damage at exponentially higher levels. Federal gun laws, including taxes on weapons associated with crime and other laws like permit wait periods attempt to discourage the use of weapons to cause off the cuff violence. The gun laws cannot keep up with not only weapon technology, but also our ever-growing society. Weapons are not the same and laws need to be adjusted. Taxes and permits will not stop criminals from attacking our society.

  • No more killings

    All we hear on the news is shootings in america and if you see how mich people die in one year there is more than 1000 and it just keeps climbing. Look at australia they almost have no gun deaths and when they do its like 1 or 2 people.

  • No, I do not believe the U.S.should create stricter gun laws.

    No, I do not believe the U.S.should create stricter gun laws, because as an American it is your second amendment right to bear arms. Americans are free to act on this as they so desire, and that is the way it should be. People need guns to protect themselves from bad people.

  • Stricter Gun Lawa Won't Prevent Anything

    Take Chicago as an examle. They have some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S, yet they still have multiple shootings. Plus most people there have guns. If you need another example, the 2015 Paris shootings. 130 people were killed even though Paris has far stricter gun laws than the U.S

  • Stricter laws will not stop those that really want to attain a gun

    No. In reality, the present laws do not stop people that really want to attain a gun from doing so. Stricter laws, will however, make law abiding citizens go through other means to attain guns. This would be due to the large amount of red tape they would have to cut in order to attain a gun legally. Crime might actually increase if the laws are too outrageous and seems to violate a person's right to bear arms.

  • Would not help

    Gun laws today are already incredibly strict, with some areas of the country (especially large cities) having gun laws so strict that its almost impossible to get a gun for the average citizen. The incredibly high gun violence rates (in relation to the rest of the country) show that more laws don't do much to stem the flow of guns.

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