• Everyone is lazy!

    Because of all the money spent on food stamps, no one wants to go looking for a job! Why would you spend forty hours a week working when you can sit and home playing Call of Duty all day and have food brought to you? Some of these people even make money on the side, not accounting for it in their taxes. If funding is cut on food stamps so that these bums only have enough to stay alive, I can guarantee that they'll get off their lazy asses and look for a job. The only problem with my argument is that THERE ARE NO GOD DAMN JOBS TO FIND! THANKS OBAMA!

  • You Mean People Will Have To Do Something?

    This cushy program has made it possible for people to do nothing and well, continue to do nothing. I know it's awesome getting hundreds of dollars in free food a month, and it seems almost impossible that you and your family will survive without them, but thats not the case. Certainly it won't be shrimp and steak every night anymore, but with even a little effort you will be able to procure enough free food to keep your family alive through the churches and food banks. Not to mention empty cupboards and an achy belly are good motivation to get up and do something...

  • Yes. Keep the program in a VERY limited capacity

    Everyone needs help at some point. Do not get rid of the system entirely. Get rid of much of it, however, since it encourages complacency as people receive benefits with no work. That said, the government would still be in charge which means it would be run horribly. Perhaps private companies could run the program based on donations. Either way, we need to focus on the value of a hard day's work, establishing self worth within people and helping people help themselves. Hand outs are demeaning, encourage dependency and do not help solve anything, they just provide a bandage that will eventually come off.

  • It's a no brainer!

    And the fact that we're still debating it highlights why we will cease existing as a species within a century.

    There's nothing in the constitution that says you deserve other peoples hard earn money. Food stamps is everything the founding fathers fought against. If you love planned economies, and the "strong social safety net" they allegedly provide, move to Vietnam or N Korea.

  • Food Stamps raise the price of food.

    While farm subsidies are also a major part of this, Food Stamps affect supply-demand in favor of food producers; without the effective demand that food stamps helps to create, grocers would have to lower prices in order to clear the food out. Cheaper food and less taxes helps those who reach the margin just above poverty, thus helping those who escape poverty stay out of poverty rather than trap them into the position of having to earn less or risk a de-facto lower utility.

  • Food Stamps are too over funded

    When the New Deal started back with FDR, it was meant to help those who could not be help themselves. Those that no matter how badly they worked they would not be able to feed their families for those people, and those people only Food Stamps should be allowed.

    When FDR started this program it wasn't meant to be what it is today. A system where a big percentage of minorities live off the government while the rest of Americans need to pay the taxes that fund those programs. Competition Fosters innovation, by reducing the amount of people that get Food Stamps to those who CANNOT survive without them as they were used back in the New Deal, we will profit from those expenses, plus we will force people to work harder than they do which at the ends fosters the country's economy.

    Anything for this country's economy benefit

  • Food Stamps are a safety net

    When something unexpected happens like losing your job or your ability to work because of an accident, these welfare programs are there to provide a safety net while you get back on your feet. Imagine not being able to feed your kids? The problem with most middle class or wealthy people is that they can't fathom not having someone to rely on. They all think it's as simple as digging into your emergency savings or moving in with family. But what if those things are not options? Yes, maybe there are some people who game the system. But I guarantee that those people are few and far between. Most people who receive these benefits would much rather have a normal job and a normal life. There really isn't too much you can buy with food stamps in a month. Your kids are in danger of being malnourished. I can't imagine anyone living the high life on food stamps.

  • Increase federal aid

    We shouldn't be cutting food stamps. We should increase in more federal aid, we're having more and more people living in poverty in America everyday. And the 33% of the people who said yes to this is insisting instead of helping our people we should spend the money somewhere else like maybe spy on us NSA. "I'll give you my tax money for that. Sure go ahead, let's not help our own citizens" This country is so messed up.

  • Doesn't make sense?

    Why would we condemn our fellow citizens to be at risk of Hunger. That few dollars a month in taxes aint gonna make ya or break ya. You spend more then that on almost everything. So why do you care? My father died when I was 11 and my mom had to be on foodstamps for a short period. Me and my younger sisters were grateful for this food. Most of foodstamps are going to children. And don't act like were at risk of giving someone a free ride? A free ride of what? Being on foodstamps and not being able to have a lot of the things you wanted in life. Sounds like a great ride? This is America and we take care of the people in our nation. We don't let children starve and we don't turn a blind eye. I don't reckon there would even be much of a need for foodstamps if we would learn to reach out to one another. I guess all in all I don't want to live in a nation that condemns. I want to live in a nation that loves and has compassion for its fellow man.

  • My personal story.

    My mom lost her job back in April and ever since money has been tight. My dad left our family 5 years ago and he pays child support and our family gets unemployment checks each week but that's because we had to fight for those rights. But like I said money is tight sometimes we cant leave our house cause we don't have enough gas! Obama take something else away, but not my families food.

  • Because the US is corrupt

    I'm reading the British newspapers and watching international articles on TV and even watching Youtube and Ted talks clips and they all give me the interpretation that America is so corrupt in the way it runs. You have got most of the country living in poverty compared to what the rest of the world is used to. The US giving food stamps out (in my opinion) is the only thing good about America.

  • Food Stamps should not be cut!

    I am an independent full-time college student and I feel that food stamps should not be cut! I am working part time, low income student receiving financial aid and food stamps to survive as a student. Not all food stamps go towards to lazy people, but only to those who can't afford it. Thanks to food stamp, I can get some food to eat because the rest of the money that I am working for, is only going toward bills.

    And don't blame the president that you can't find a job. The reason why its hard to find a job for you is because you are not trying hard enough! Work hard, play hard!

  • We need a strong social safety net

    Many people depend on food stamps for sustenance, even some with jobs. Single mothers, the disabled, and those that are just falling back on tough times need food stamps to stave off hunger. We can't rely on food banks and soup kitchens to feed all of the destitute. The top 0.1% of income earners in this country own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. They own a total of roughly 11.7 trillion in wealth. Last year, the SNAP program costed a total of 74 billion. You do the math.

  • Food stamps saves lives

    Yes, it is hard to find a job but receiving unemployment and food stamps is not enough to survive especially when you have kids. Food stamps have been cut down so much with the rise of food there is no way that people can live off of government assistance it's just not possible. Without food stamps how do people feed there kids how would kids get free lunch. Moreover how would America survive without the help of government more importantly food stamps
    If someone could tell me how anyone in this world could live without government assistance i'd debate against you on that

  • Demand and force gov to let people have gardens!

    Gardens are cheaper, faster, easier, heathier, and yummier than constantly going to the grocery store with a cheap drip irrigation toob connected to a rain barrel. Large food trees require no maintence shuld be planted all over. Raised wheel chair accessible gardens. People could give the poor some food out of their garden, or plant and harvest their paralyzed neighbor's garden for them.
    Discusting farmers pay discusting repubs FOR GOV TO GIVE FARMERS TAX PAYER SUBSIDIES, AND FOR GOV TO NOT LET PEOPLE HAVE GARDENS to try to make them dependent on the farmers.
    Gov is stealing people's good jobs, independence, and prv chairty thu supressive regs/taxes. There isnt enough good jobs. Go into a bad neighborhood and see how many people are hireing, mostly no one.
    Reportedly in usa: 50+% of graduates cant find a job in their field. 50% of people cant pay back their student loans on time. Almost $1tril in unpaid student loans.
    Its costs tax payer $ to pay gov to starve people out. Its free to let them garden and live on and off of the land.
    -depriveing people the chance to produce, then punishing their unproductiveness or poorness caused by you depriveing them the chance to produce, gains nothing, costs more than it gains, counter productive.
    -neglecting, murdering, and punishing the poor to try to intimidate the middle class into working is counterproductive: -the abusers and abused are wasteing time and resources that could be better spent createing wealth. -people dont need to be intimidated into doing jobs their willing to do for pay. -most people naturally and automatically create wealth because they want to be independent and wealthy, and trade to become wealthier than they would alone.
    Corrupt bussiness bribe or coerce corrupt gov to give them to big to fail to big to jail status, unfair tax breaks, subsidies,bailouts, law exempt status, a monopoly, and supress compeition by enforceing supressive laws/regs/taxes to supress the economy, good jobs, independence, trade, and chairty to make forced dependent customers. Its counterproductive because they waste time and resources supressing, $value goes down, when they buy something price is up quality is down, crime taxes and poverty go up, their more likley to be abused or robbed, customers go down cuz less people can afford to be a customer.
    You must allow people to be healthy and produce so their will be something to steal/tax and something to buy to become wealthier. Exsessivly punishing people for speech, being poor, sleeping outside, building a shelter, or small things that shouldnt be punished, is a waste of time and resources that could be better spent produceing wealth. Happy healthy strong workers are more productive.
    Food stamps and food pantrys should require overweight people loose at least 4lbs per month before quality for next ration

  • It's completely immoral

    Food stamps should not be cut. They are a means for subsistence, and it is monstrous to suggest lowering taxes on the rich while cutting funding to the poor. Better targets for funding cuts include corporate welfare, military r&d, the CIA and defence. The state is relinquishing its social contract by refusing to help society's most vulnerable, and the Democrats and Republicans are a bunch of selfish bastards.

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