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  • No, Save And Enhance Medicare

    Usually the people who want to cut Medicare benefits are the people who do not rely on that program at all. Medicare needs to be enhanced and expanded; it does not need to be cut or scaled back. Social safety nets exist for a reason, and those reasons are both real and felt by a lot of people.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, we have to care for our elderly and disabled.

    If Medicare undergoes cuts, the medical costs for these people will have to either be paid by someone else or go unmet. I suppose we could return to the days when everyone had a grandparent living with them that they just cared for themselves, but that is not feasible for a lot of people, so the elderly have to have a means to fend for themselves. The real problem is that medical care it too high and there are huge wastes in the system, but instead of addressing that issue we want to cut aid to people who need it.

  • Medicare Should Not Be Cut

    I do not think that this country should cut medicare benefits. Millions of people rely on those benefits and it would be unfair to just cut them off like that. I also doubt that America has a plan or program in mind that could replace Medicare and actually be successful.

  • No. It works.

    Medicare is actually an efficient system for delivering health care to those who need it. Besides, cutting coverage would mean poorer quality care and less preventive care, which just costs more later in money and lives. There are other budget problems that can be tackled, like the outrageous defense and war budgets.

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