Should the U.S.D.A. approve horse slaughtering plants?

  • Horses are animals.

    People, when confronted with this topic, tend to get all sobby and emotional. While so employed, they overlook one obvious truth: horses are animals. Horses are very similar to cows and pigs in intelligence, two animals that few people have any qualms whatsoever about killing. But because horses have other uses as well, people feel the need to stop them from being eaten. This is irrational and senseless. If you don't like it, become a vegetarian, but do not abuse FDA power to force your opinions upon others.

  • Not allowing horse meat is an infringement of peoples rights

    Americans have the right to chose what they want and do not want to consume.(excluding cannibalism for obvious reasons). As far as the whole "We as Americans do not eat horse" argument, it's incredibly prejudiced . American has 300 million people, there is no such thing as an absolute "American Culture", it is made up of many different cultures that have come together in a giant melting pot.

  • Yes, without a doubt.

    I love horses. I was raised around them, could ride bedore I could walk, had my own gelding by the time I was 1, bred Quarter Horses and Arabians for a while. At one point I had 22 mares and a hell of a stud. I currently have 5. I'm in the veterinary industry, and my favorite thing is equine repro. So its not a lack of compassion or love of horses that dictates my answer. The truth is, the horse market crahsed, hard, when slaughter houses were shut down in the past. Horses were being abandoned in national parks and left to die. So here's the thing: horses are livestock. Not pets. Some time in the not so distant past, people forgot that. Its ok for people to not like it. But if you do, please go buy all those horses before the buyers get them. I mean really what are we supposed to do with thousands of lame, 23 year old, sway back, infertile, stallions that have never worn a halter?

  • No way, definitely not!

    I agree, this is starting to get scary! In America we do not eat horses, we look at them as our pets and companions. I love horses, and I cannot imagine eating them and not feeling like I am violating my ethics. Horses help us in so many ways, they are not food!

  • No, this is starting to scare me.

    I'm beginning to wonder why all of a sudden horse meat is showing up in other countries. Are they short on beef, or is horse meat just cheaper? I read an article about why it is not happening in America, and it said that we do not allow slaughtering of horses here largely because of our history being connected to horses in settling this country and we don't see them as on an equivalent with other animals that we do slaughter. The practice of slaughtering animals is fraught with questions of abuse already, if we add horses to the list we will just be increasing those problems, and it would not be long before that horse meat would find a way into the food chain.

  • Who's gonna pay for it?

    The USDA ? FSIS has had the food inspection budget cut by over $100 million in the past 5 years. We don't even have enough resources and money to pay for the inspection of our food let alone the food of another contry. Does anyone really think this stuff through before they start saying yes to things like this.

    Do we really want to pay the Government to start monitoring and regulating our pets like they do animals intended for food? Animals that are raised for food are treated very differently than animals that are raised as pets. Pets receive medications and vaccines that humans cannot eat. Do you want to eat a horse/dog that just got Chemo or a monsterous dose of Bute (causes marrow cancer in humans) Why would we as pet owners be required to monitor register and pay special fees to keep track of the medications that we put into our pets so some other country could eat them and some horse meat trader could make money on their carcass?


    The UDSA should not approve of horse slaughter houses. As a person who hates animal cruelty, I think this is very bad. I agree with the "no" side because this does go against some religions. It is also very "disturbing" and "disgusting" in a way. It's like eating a horse, which is useful ad should NOT be made into food. People should really look at what they put into their mouths. I agree that horses are very useful, and people are already treating them badly. We use them in horse races and force them to run. Horses first came to America when brought by another country. We should not be eating them, because this just adds to animal cruelty.

  • Horse meat is toxic

    Horsemeat is not beneficial because the horses in question right now are not fed like the cows, pigs, sheep and poultry we have today. The horses that people would be consuming as of this moment, are the horses that no one else wanted, couldn’t compete any more, couldn’t afford, or were injured. Most of these types of horses have been given phenylbutazone (PZB) or as most horse owners and vets call it, "bute". It is an inexpensive, highly effective treatment for inflammation and pain. This drug is banned from animals intended for food in America, as well as in Europe. Phenylbutazone causes serious and lethal idiosyncratic adverse effects in humans, such as: carcinogen, loss of infection-fighting white blood cells, bone marrow suppression 94% mortality, and liver failure. In Europe if a horse has ever been treated with PMZ (Bute) it can never be slaughtered for food. Makes one wonder, if PMZ (Bute) is so commonly used in the US how any American horses are slaughtered for food. Race horses, show horses, barrel horses, riding horses and the list goes on, they use PMZ (Bute) commonly. These are the types of horses being transported to Canada and Mexico to EU approved slaughterhouses. Their meat is shipped to Europe, and Asia for human consumption (Veterinarians for Equine Welfare).

  • Enough animals are killed as it is.

    Adding horses to the slaughter is unneeded and is just adding more suffering to the world when it doesn't need to be. Horses are also more common as pets than pigs and cows so eating them is a little nasty considering the amount of people in the country that care for them all the time.

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