• Yes, they should.

    Yes, the U.S. Department of Justice should definitely get rid of a mandatory minimum sentence for non-violent drug users. If they are just using the drug then they should get counseling and assistance kicking the habit, not locked up behind bars away from their family, friends, spouses and children. There are too many people in our prison system who shouldn't be there.

  • Mandatory minimum sentences are a bad idea.

    The problem with a written code of laws with no flexibility or capability for human judgment and mercy is that no written code can cover every possible situation that may occur in the world. Mercy in particular is necessary when dealing with dynamic growing human beings. Although consistency is necessary when training living creatures, excessive force will turn them mean and dangerous. How much force is excessive actually varies between individuals, based on their background, prior training, and genetics. No written code can account for that variation in order to adjust the punishment and training to reach the desired result of salvaging and making productive citizens from lawbreakers.

  • Get rid of prison for non-violent users.

    The U.S. Department of Justice should get rid of mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug users. This gives these people a chance in rehab to turn their lives around. Being in prison migt prove a lesson, but it will not give the user better days in the short-term. Mandatory rehab is a better treatment.

  • They are largely victimless crimes

    Yes, there are situations where drug users attack people and defraud people. They also may steal or other things to support their habit. There are, however, already laws to deal with these issues. To have mandatory sentences for people that are essentially just doing damage to themselves is silly in my opinion, especially if they are not violent offenders.

  • Reduce the punishment

    A minimum sentence may sound harsh, but I hear that it isn't so bad. It does give drug users time to think, and then get out. But I think with lighter drugs such as marijuana and Jenkem that it should change. Classifying the difference between light drugs and hard drugs is important.

  • Eliminate Mandatory Prison Sentences For Non-Violent Drug Crimes

    If the offenders are nonviolent, There is no need to lock them up when we can’t even afford to. They could get some other type of punishment for getting involved in the illegal activity. This is one reason why I agree with this topic to eliminate mandatory prison sentence for non violent drug crimes

  • Against Mandatory minimums.

    Every crime is different, with different situations, different people. So why would we treat all of them with a standard sentence. Does not make sense. We are giving all the power to one person, the prosecuter. Why would we want to leave someone's life in the hands of one person? It leaves no room for showing compassion and grace to first time offenders, non violent offenders, good people who made a bad decision. They are grouped in with malicious people who have committed crimes over and over. Either get rid of mandatory sentencing and bring back human decision making or we need to come up with a better system that breaks further down depending on crime.

  • Drug users should be required a mandatory minimum of 6 month in jail no matter what drug it was

    6 month is a long enough time for them to get some what clean the go to therapy and help there addiction. There also not away from there family's for to long and there family's are much better off afterwards. Drug users can use that time for thinking about what these people have done.

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