• He is not a good person.

    That is a simple fact. I have no problem removing him from my country, where he will not commit crime against America, and therefore me, by extent. So send him to Canada. They seem to have stricter laws on teenage delinquency. As a (non delinquent) teenager myself, I would rather have that crime elsewhere where it won't encourage others to copy his actions to be popular. Please, tell me if you agree with me and if you have any differences in opinion. Thank you :)

  • An influence for others

    We can't deny the talent this artist has, but that doesn't give him the justification to do bad things and get away without any punishment. He may be an inspiration for other teenagers that, just because he is famous, his actions are morally correct, which isn't. The message he is giving is "Authority sucks". He should be deported to demonstrate no one is above the law & should pay his actions as law dictates. He should reflection what he says, 'cause he can't say he has a relationship with God when he is doing the opposite. Deport him and educate our youth to make society work again.

  • He should be deported.

    He is a really bad wanna be thug that will end up killing or being killed. He talks to much smack and then has to pay someone to back it up for him. He is a kid that was spoiled from birth in an adult body. Please God help America and just deport him.

  • The lamborgine sole

    He stole a lambergienie and was driving when he shoulden't because he had a valed licences and was drunk. His shows were junk too also he is a punk and has caused thousands of dollars in damage. He is a brat selfish spoiled unrouly uncontroled fighting bever and a muskrate punk

  • The Bieber fever ends now!

    He has done many illegal things...Like taking drugs, drag racing drunk in his neighborhood, egged his neighbors house causing $20,000 of damage. Police found weapons in his tour bus and they also found a gun hidden. He is a very bad influence for younger kids that look up to him.

  • Big piece of crap

    You've seen his trashy music videos! You saw how he selfishly treated the ann frank house! This boy needs a big bucket of discipline poured on his head!!!! I woulnt be caught DEAD with this wackadoo ever in my life! I TRULY HATE HIM. Reminds me of the freak he is

  • No more bieber

    It's about time Hollywood learns they're as much human as anyone else. Something I'd like to know is, why Charlie Chaplin, an upstanding well loved and relatively straight laced immigrant celebrity, was deported and told never to return based solely on false accusations, while this snot nosed brat can trounce all over the world with no regard for anyone but himself, and then commit serious crimes that could have gotten people killed! But he's allowed to stay. It's a disgrace.

  • Bad Influence to Fans

    Yes, so many people look up to Justin Bieber. But yet he has done so many unacceptable things. Even though he has a lot of money, he shouldn't be allowed to pay for the court sentence so he wouldn't be in jail. They should at least stop all his concerts for one year straight. Thank you for your time, who ever is reading this :)

  • Hes a scrub

    He just is. No one needs an idiot like that in the US. We already have enough terrorism in the U.S. Why do we need a clown that drag races in a Lamborghini? I'm Canadian, but we need to get rid of this Canadian idiot. P.S. THE CHUMP CANT SING!!!!!!!!

  • Much needed deportation.

    He is a bad influence on girls. It surprises me to see teenage girls, who are more "mentally mature in the prefrontal cortex" than teenage boys, honoring this loser. Talent is subjective, but what he did was evil.

    He didn't pay for indoor skydiving. He peed in a bucket and defaced an image of Bill Clinton. He egged houses, and did many other nasty crimes.

    If Canada doesn't want him, they can send him to North Korea. They could deport him to the sun for all I care.

    Keep America beautiful, Keep Canada peaceful, Deport Justin Bieber!

  • It pains me to say this.

    There is no doubt he is a conceited, annoying, brat of a kid but plenty of celebrities have committed a bunch of crimes and nobody cares to have them gone. I think people hate him so much because he is so cocky which isn't reason enough to have him deported.

    What makes it worse is his belibers, they just radiate stupidity.

  • Jump off the bandwagon

    It's pathetic that this is even suggested. Yes you're all jealous of his success and his "zero existence" of talent and like to bash singers like this. I don't like his music but boy can he sing and he has a large audience. He is a US citizen, yes meaning the same as all of you Americans saying deport him, and has the same rights. Yes he is a hooligan and yes he is a downright jerk to many people but he is a US citizen, but for pete sake, do we deport every person who has ever egged a house or got a DUI, let me see, uh no. On a side note he donates plenty to US charities.

  • Just because lol

    Everyone makes mistakes. He's done a lot of bad stuff in his life, but who hasn't? Give him a break, there's other celebrities out here making mistakes but ya'll don't really judge them. Everyone deserves second chances, so give him one. (:
    Stop hating on Justin Drew Bieber. Thank you.

  • I love him


  • He is fuck

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    Hes a unicorn ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !! !!! ! !! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!! ! ! !

  • Deporting isn't going to solve much...

    We don't like Justin Bieber, so if we deport him, that will solve our problems, right? No, it won't. It's basically a get-out-of-jail-free-card for him. He has done so pretty terrible things that has come to the attention of the news, which much signal that this has gotten out of hand. If I was Bieber, I would be thankful I was getting deported instead of thrown in jail. He needs to go to jail for a few years, in my opinion. He won't learn anything if he is deported. He'll get off scot-free.

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