Should the U.S. discourage Israel from attacking Iran?

  • yes, US should stay out of international affairs

    The USA should not be the worlds police. It is straining the USA's budget and taxpayer's. Let other nations work out their own problems. It is too often that the USA gets involved in other countries problems that it creates new problems for the USA. USA could destroy Iran if it needs to.

  • Yes

    Yes,the U.S. should be discourage Israel from attacking Iran.The world’s support and understanding is no less vital to Israel’s strategic needs than bunker-busting mega-bombs or sophisticated surface-to-surface missiles, but one can already summarize the findings of a future commission of inquiry, which will no doubt find that Israeli leaders did not do enough, when they still could, to adequately prepare the country’s diplomatic defenses.

  • Prevent World War III At All Costs

    Israel has the right to defend itself if it is attacked first. It does not have the right to preemptively strike another country it suspects of getting ready to attack Israel. Should Israel attack Iran, a regional conflict will quickly become World War III. Russian and Chinese interests in the region would go against Europe and America. Israel needs to back off--in the grand scheme of things, Israel is a small player in a sea of big fish. The only reason America has interest in Israel is due to oil prices from Middle Eastern exporters. Take away the oil, support for Israel is toast.

  • The U.S. should try to prevent all wars involving allies that the country may have to get ivolved in militarily

    The U.S. should discourage Israel from attacking Iran without serious provocation because the U.S. is a close ally with Israel, and the country would be put in a tough position to decide whether to aid its ally militarily or financially. This would likely hurt America's recent strides forward that have been taken among Middle Eastern countries and relations with the Muslim world.

  • No I don't think we should discourage anything

    This is not our affair to be managing, so we shouldn't be getting involved in it in my opinion. They'll do what they want to do anyway, so there's no point in us trying to reason with them I don't think. We ought to just leave it alone, and focus on our own problems. We got plenty of logs in our own eye to remove, before we can start taking logs from the eyes of others.

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