• Both parties are Lobbyists, Not. Voter represntatives

    1 Both parties keep promising border secuity. No party controlling both houses has written law for the border to be fixed.
    2 Neither party can fix the total mess they made of healthcare. Regeanonomics in 1981 or the ACA. Both partiea & CMS the pilot mess. IRS HEATHCARE BILLING?
    3 Both parties suck up money like a carwash vaccuum wiith little or no return on investment.
    4. The parties won't work together as evidenced by the above statements and costly, Useless Special coucil for each party collusion & obstuction while ignoring damming evidence from all sides

  • The current party duopoly is thwarting democracy.

    “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, They are likely in the course of time and things, To become potent engines, By which cunning, Ambitious, And unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, Destroying afterwards. . . "
    George Washington

  • Political Parties Destroy

    All they do is fight each other and justify their own agendas rather those agendas are good for the country or not. It's a constant power
    stuggle between the two. Our first and second Presidents were totally against political parties. They do not serve the people's interest but rather what ever party they happen to belong to. So I guess my main reason would sum up to the fact that "They do not serve the American Peoplewho cast the vote"

  • Two party stranglehold on US government had to be stopped

    The two party system stranglehold on our nation is killing democracy. Each party only cares about being in control and forwarding their agenda of power. They have no real use or concern for the citizens they ate supposed to represent. They polarize the nation more each election with there multi-billion dollar smear campaigns. Each side & it's lackeys sending a tsunami of media, Print, Phone, Text and you nsme ot blasts of ads defaming the other side. All done woth complete and utter disregard for the people. Their only aim is to win and become the majority so after the elections they can forget anout the public and settle back on to business ad usual. And their default strategy of blaming the otger side for anything the public does hear about and doesn't like. Their true allegiance is to the party that financed their election. And not to the people they are supposed to represent. It is sickening. But until we rise up and get referendums on the ballot to force change, It will not change. They will never voluntarily give the power back to the people. This madness of Republicians and Democrats holding the power or our country hostage from the people has to be stopped. But how? When ordinary citizens are buried by the debt, Corruption, And bad economy they have created? People not able to get ny even with eberyone workong two jobs. While they waste billions to get us to keep them and their party ruling us and picking oir pockets for their betterment. It is time for ordinary citizens to disban all political parties and take back our country from these wealthy overlords who treat as as slaves. Only psying attention to us and using us as pawns during elections.

  • They fight for themselves instead of the country.

    Democrats and Republicans are always at each others throats and refuse to agree with each other on anything, Even if it is in the nations best interest. It may be human nature to gather amongst like minded people but these politicians were elected to run our country smartly, Not to further their own agendas. Enough is enough!

  • Parties easily subverted.

    Political parties are subverted and controlled and tend to control the electability of an individual. Outsiders who are not in line with either political party must run as an independent or battle against the party to win it's nomination. A simple no party primary vote then a general election runoff vote is all that's needed.

  • WE should disband ALL Parties!

    Look at our country and the shape it is in today Look at Congress and how they can very seldom agree on anything. Look at our elections where parties are demanding that voters join their party or you cannot vote for a candidate. All of these are just a small example of why we should disband ALL Parties. Our Founding Fathers didn't want a government controled. They wanted a government that is for the People by the People. Instead it has become currupt, self appointing, self governed, and supporting of only the top 2% of America. Of course our Founding Fathers warned us of what would happen once our government grew too large. We need to return to electing Congressmen and our President for the person they are and not for the party they are a member of.

  • Political parties make it difficult for the government to function properly.

    In a two party system like America, political parties sometimes do more harm than good. They often let party differences affect their voting. For the government to run smoothly the two parties have to work together. This hardly ever happens and the American people suffer for it. The recent government shutdown is an example of how the two party system fails the people most of the time.

  • Country Is Based On An Idea

    Why not keep it that way. You label people, and that is when the problems start to begin. People start judging people for no reason. They start using ideology instead of common sense. Wouldn't it be nice if we used ideas that came from the best politician, instead of that idea is no good because he is a Democrat and I am a Republican

  • They control everything.

    Yes, the U.S. should do away with political parties, because the party bosses control everything and the people have very little say. When Michigan held its primary too early, they decided not to give Rick Santorum the votes that he deserved. The parties anoint the candidates before there is even an election. Get rid of them.

  • The U.S. should not do away with political parties.

    The United States should not do away with political parties. Although partisanship can be bad for the country, it is perfectly legal for there to be political parties. It would be unconstitutional for the government to disband political parties. The constitution protects Americans' right to hold assemblies for political purposes.

  • Not at all

    No, the United States should not do away with political parties. They are an important tool in the government system that we have today, and I think that despite what people think, they are an important thing to have in your system. I think that we need to keep them.

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