Should the U.S. do more in the fight against ISIS?

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    Still, I think that if ISIS is such a threat to the country, then we should do all we can to fight against them and stop their organization. We should put all our efforts into fighting ISIS, so the threat is gone as soon as possible. Whether it's putting more boots on the ground, or adding more air strikes, we still need to do more to fight the terrorist group.

  • Yes, more preventive measures should be taken in order to deal with ISIS

    ISIS, presents a massive threat to the security or not only the middle-eastern region, but the entire world. They have already destabilized all of Northern Iraq and Syria. They have continually made threats to attack the united states on it's own soil, and have presented they have the capability to do so. Although they may not seem like a immediate threat at the moment to some, later they will be. It would be better to send overwhelming boots on the the ground force to counter-ISIS now before America has another 9/11 on their own soil. ISIS has demonstrated their ability to kill on a massive scale, nearly 170,000 people in only 2 years of existence. That number will only increase if we don't step in now. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, were definitely long and arduous costing many lives but America has learned from it's previous mistakes. We have learned how to fight in unconventional warfare over the past decade or so. We have the capability, and the resources. Let's wipe them out before we can't wipe them out because they've grown too strong.

  • Obviously!!!!!!! People need too LIVE!!!!

    They kill without a care!! Come on people listen if our state doesn't get them now all of us will be DEAD!!!!!!!!! There are babies and children in this world and if this country does not not stop them NONE of them will have a FUTURE at all. We need to LIVE.

  • No, learn from the past.

    We should leave the situation alone. ISIS is barely a threat to this nation and going back to war in Iraq is a pointless waste of money, time, and American lives. Remember our last useless wars: vietnam, afghanistan, the other Iraq war! What happened? We left realizing that the wars were pointless and had little to do with America in the first place. Besides, the only reason we worry about ISIS is a fear that they will take away arabian oil. If they were so worried about terrorism, they'd be all over Africa!

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