Should the U.S. do more to promote female rights in the middle east?

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  • I Think the USA Should Stay out of the Business of How They Treat People.

    I totally think that the middle east should as a whole treat women with more respect. But America butts in far too many battles for their own good. It makes our country look like really big bullies, and I'm not really down for that. I think that we need to be a little more neutral and focus more about what's going on at home.

  • No the U.S. Has No Right to Promote Female Rights in the Middle East

    The United States is a country where people are free to practice any religion they choose. We can be free to do so without fear of prosecution or persecution. But that is not the case in the Middle East. If the U.S. tries to interfere in the beliefs of other countries, we totally void our Constitution. It would be an embarrassment at the least. A disaster leading to war at the worst. If a Middle Eastern man walked into a Christian church in the U.S. and declared all Americans were now Muslim or Hindu it would have the same result. We have to let people practice their religion whether we approve or not. Whether it is in the U.S. or Middle Eastern countries.

  • The US should do more HERE!

    The United States needs to focus on the rights of women, right here in our country. While I can sympathize with the plight of women in the middle east, I feel that our government needs to assure our rights here first. When there are elected officials making statements that include the term "legitimate rape" then I know the focus needs to be here first. Also - why the middle east? If we are going to do more to promote female rights, why only in the middle east, when there are hundreds of other regions in the world that could use help promoting female rights. Look at African countries where rape is a way of life - look at the Chinese baby girls - the list goes on and on!

  • No. The US can do more... by interfering less.

    World tolerance for American moralizing is exhausted. With a Congress (and willing Supreme Court) seemingly determined to continue to wage war on women’s reproductive rights – after 40 years of leadership in the fight – the U.S. is hardly in a position to be preaching to anyone on the subject of respecting women. Our reputation as a people of strong character, ethical beliefs and intellectual superiority has been trashed by an increasingly strident right political wing, that has exposed itself to the world as being approximately one half of a country that can no longer govern itself in its own best interests. A serious suggestion made by any American that other nations should emulate our culture – particularly in light of the world’s recent exposure to our sick worship of guns – should, frankly, inspire derision and hearty laugh. The Middle East has, in fact, made some admirable progress of their own on this issue. The most the US can offer at this point in time is to keep our mouths shut and our influence out of the internal business of other countries until we do something to repair our own dysfunctional political system.

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