• For the love of God, yes.

    If you were walking down the street and you saw a woman being raped in broad daylight, how would you respond? If you're anything like those who responded "no," you would causally walk by and say to yourself, "That's not my problem." Of course, such a response is damnable. If you have the ability to save a life but choose not to, you're a monster.
    How is Syrian any different?

  • "Nah, nah, not my business", seriously?

    People think that just because it's not happening to their country, they can just ignore everything. They don't realise how wrong they are. I wish people would stop thinking of the place we live in as a planet, instead of a country. We're all humans. We should help each other, even if we're different. Even if we live in different places. Just because the U.S. Never actually made things better, doesn't mean they don't have to. Think like they have made many things better as it is. They should help Syria then. If they can't, maybe the U.K. Or Australia or any other freedom countries that can help. We can't just leave the Syrians to suffer like that. Someone, or many someones just have to take some action and at least TRY to help out.

  • War is one thing.

    War is one thing but to kill and murder little children in there home with gas is another. The US should go in and stop the government. I do no know who is right or wrong in the Syria country as far
    as politics but when a government uses gas to get there point across then the rebels/people are right and should take the government over and do what is correct.

  • Not militarily no but at least humanitarian help.

    The United states interfering in Syria's internal affairs militarily would only give the internal community more almo to use against the united states. What I do think that the United states or at least the international community should and can provide the Syrian rebels with humanitarian aid. Aids such as medicine, food....Just the basic necessities of life.

  • The U. S. Government never really HELP anyone.

    If you read any book by Noam Chomsky or talk to the people whose countries the United States claimed to have helped, you'll realize it was all done in self interest. At present, though you may not know it, the Americans are involved in Syria for the obvious reason that it is an oil-producing Middle Eastern country. The Afghans don't even know why the Americans are still in their country. Karzai and Washington know best. Bottom line: Obama needs to work for his own citizens instead of filling Rothschilds', Rockefellers', Senators' pockets. Better yet, he should resign as President. He's no more than an elite puppet. Stay out of other people business, Government.

  • The US does not have the responsibility to become directly involved in every global conflict.

    With the US just leaving the Middle East after two costly and unpopular wars, the american government can not afford to "put boots on the ground" in Syria, or any other nation for that matter, without proper political and public backing. Although, in the case of the possible use of chemical weapons in the region, the US should not take the responsibility to take action upon themselves, but should work directly with the UN to gather intelligence on these growing concerns.

  • Policing the world results in blowback.

    Policing the world has not helps us so far. Each nation needs to help themselves first, or they will eventually become weakened. This is what happened to the Roman Empire, and this is what is happening to America. It is sobering to watch the demise of my own country. Word.

  • We only have to look at U.S. History to understand why we shouldn't.

    We went in and trained troops in the middle east and it came back and bit us in the behind. We tried our hand at Korea and it ended in the north and south splitting up. We tried helping Vietnam, and did more harm than good. Today, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan aren't looking like they did much to help further peace in those areas. The U.S. Needs to step back and think about their selves for awhile. For the most part, we've only made things worse than they were to begin with. And our influence in these conflicts probably made for the least desirable outcome.

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