• If they can vote, pay taxes and get married, why not drink.

    As a recent college grad I have to say that first off it is not hard to get alcohol underage...At all. Secondly if you look at the statistics the car accidents just go up to the next age group. Finally how about when they are legal adults we treat them like adults, everyone is talking about how kids have no responsibility now, well maybe if you gave them some instead of still acting like they are children then they would make their own mistakes.

  • Yes, It Should

    At the age of 18, you are deemed able to decide who should run our country, and you are also deemed able to go and die for our country. If you are old enough to die, then I see no reason why you shouldn't be old enough to have a drink. But parents should also share some of the burden, by not making a big fuss. Let your kids experience drinking a little at a time, and they will figure out the good and bad on their own.

  • Yes US drinking age should be lowered.

    I strongly support US drinking age being lowered. I think that if the age of 18 you can go fight for your Country and possibly make the ultimate sacrifice of losing your life, you should also be able to drink at 18. If you are responsible enough at 18 to vote in the Presidential election and have your voice heard for something as important as President than you should be able to have a drink.

  • Old enough to vote, old enough to drink

    The same arguement about the drinking age still applies. If a person is old enough to fight and die in the military, they are old enough to decide whether or not to have a beer. If they are old enough to choose the leaders of the country by voting, they are old enough to choose whether or not they wish to drink.

  • No, it should not be.

    Most of the deadly car accidents occur to new driving teenagers. Combine that with a lowered drinking age and that is a recipe for disaster. A lower drinking age works in other countries because they are raised in a different culture. Most other countries don't have the drinking problems and moderation problems that the United States has. Until we can work to change the drinking culture we should not lower the drinking age.

  • They do it anyways...

    Minors that want to drink are going to do so anyways. Let's leave them to the cops and immune system problems. But lowering the drinking age is a horrible idea! As stated above, teens account for most fatal car crashes. I don't even think 21 is old enough, maturity does not come with age, but it also does not come with alcohol.

  • We need to learn before we drink

    By keeping the drinking age high, we allow time to learn that you should drink in moderation. Also, it is known that alcohol can affect a young person's brain, and it can severely affect learning while in school or university. Therefore, by keeping it high, you limit the chance of illness as well as teaching the younger population what their limits are.

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