Should the U.S. drop its espionage charges against Edward Snowden?

  • Yes, the public doesn't support his conviction.

    Yes, the United States should drop its espionage charges against Edward Snowden, because the public opinion does not support his being charged. Edward Snowden did not act as a spy to other nations. Rather, he was a whistle blower, who did an important thing by telling the American people that their own government was spying on him. He is not a traitor.

  • The Declaration of Independence seems to apply

    Within the first few paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence, it seems to indicate that what Edward Snowden did was patriotic. He warned the American people of a long train of abuses committed by our government against us. There's no reason for America to pursue him as an enemy and further disgrace themselves for violations of the Constitution. If you think I'm wrong, insert the name of any founding father into this question in place of Mr. Snowden's.

  • Snowden Revealed The Truth

    I believe the United States should drop their espionage charges against Edward Snowden. I believe Edward Snowden should be allowed to return to the United States without any punishment what so ever. Edward Snowden released information that many Americans conspired about for years. Many Americans would like the opportunity to thank him for releasing the information regarding the breaches of privacy. I am glad that he opted to give that information out and I, as a United States citizen, feel that the government needs to shut down those programs. The American people don't want them, the American people don't want to pay for them, and the American people don't want to see Snowden suffer because you, as a government, made a bad decision.

  • he blew the whistle on a unconstitutional search program

    Recently it the Supreme Court ruled that the CIA spying program known as Prism was unconstitutional and overly broad. Not only did the program not yield any results but the program inadvertently dragged innocent individuals. He should be covered by the whistleblower act. In fact I think they should give him a medal.

  • No, the U.S. should not drop its espionage charges against Edward Snowden.

    No, the U.S. should not drop its espionage charges against Edward Snowden. The law is the law and Edward broke it and now must pay the price. It would set a bad precedent if the charges were dropped against Mr. Snowden and maybe open the doors for others to commit the same crime or worse.

  • The U.S. should not drop its espionage charges against Edward Snowden.

    The US should pursue charges of espionage against Edward Snowden because he is guilty of them. If he wants to be a true whistle blower and not just a Russian spy, he should appear before an American judge and take responsibility for his actions. The government should not go soft on people who steal national secrets.

  • No, the U.S. should keep espionage charges against Snowden.

    It's likely a lot of Americans--and people in other countries, as well--would think that what Snowden did was of little importance. However, he still broke the law and committed an act of espionage, whether the NSA information was major or not. By making an exception in this case, the U.S. government wouldn't be taking a strong line against people who betray U.S. secrets. It's very important that these charges be kept intact.

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