Should the U.S. drop the 'aiding the enemy' charge against Bradley Manning?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • U.S. should drop the 'aiding the enemy' charge against Bradley Manning.

    Why? Because he wasn't aiding any enemy, he was exposing government corruption. Many of the American people are becoming more and more upset with the way this country is being run by the government. We came to this country to escape oppression. The government and corporations are slowly but surely taking away all rights and freedoms of American citizens.

  • Bradley Manning Deserves Life in Prison

    Pvt. Bradley Manning's actions may have compromised American troops abroad by revealing secrets from the military and the state department as an Army intelligence grunt. Manning knew exactly what he was doing when he sold those documents to WikiLeaks. The military has to prove that Manning's actions had a detrimental effect against American troops in order to make a case for aiding the enemy. As such, Manning should at least get life in prison if not the death penalty for treason, the gravest capital crime.

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