Should the U.S. economically engage with Mexico?

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  • This will improve border security and Mexico will provide us with recourses.

    First of all, border security is at a "whopping" 3 percent. If we economically engage with Mexico, we can increase the border security, therefore stopping drug violence from Mexico to come in to America. Second of all, after we improve the border security, we can help stop the drug violence from happening. This can stop the imposing threat of drug violence coming into America and/or nuclear war. Third of all, if you say that we can't spend all of this time on Mexico because we have our own problems to deal with, I say you are wrong. If we are economically engaging with Mexico, Mexico is also economically engaging with us. This means that we are sharing all profit. This engagement can improve our economy because we will be sharing money with Mexico. So, if they have an improved economy, we will be getting some benefits from this. Fourth of all, economically engaging with Mexico means that we have a bond that they cannot break. So, they will not try to attack the U.S. Because if they do, we will not be economically engaged anymore. This means that Mexico will not attack us with nuclear weapons that they might or might not have. Mexico and Latin America are right now teaming up. This is not good because with both of their nuclear weapons, we are open for attack, resulting in AMERICAN EXTINCTION!

  • It already has, it's called NAFTA! DERP!

    Hi sorry for being so cynical. But the North America Free Trade Agreement sets up trade to Mexico and Canada and stuff like that. Sure it can be tweaked a bit, and it is kind of awkward dealing with 2nd world countries, but economics in a trickle-down cycle enable the US to concentrate on other things such as the Barack Obama Promise Zones.

  • Regional Economies Must Unite

    Countries involved in NAFTA must do a better job of reaching out to each other in order to further economic ties and make the region's financial strength even better. If Mexico ever shores up its government and tones down the drug violence, the dream of a United North America isn't too far off. Economically engaging is one step forward in the process towards a political unification.

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