• Yes, I think the US Educational system should expand the use of vouchers.

    While the voucher program is relatively new we have seen positive results from early impressions on it, I think we should continue to ramp up the number of vouchers issued as long as we see that this system is overall improving the quality of education in the nation, I think vouchers are a fantastic idea.

  • Yes, families have the right to decide where to go to school.

    I am completely in favor of expanding the use of school vouchers. A lot of our public schools have become ineffective and complacent. We need to make sure families have the right for their children to attend the school of their choice instead of being locked into an inferior education dictated by the physical location of their home.

  • The use of school vouchers allows educational versatility.

    One of the main problems with our educational system today is that teachers are no longer motivated to teach. The payroll that they receive is nominal, and the work they put into teaching the same thing every year is tedious. The teachers are no longer challenged. By creating a competitive market for both students and teachers, the 'invisible hand' will support the best teachers and schools. Those schools that do not get students due to poor faculty will be shut down.

  • No school vouchers

    The problem: some public schools are failing and we need to help rich white families get out of failing schools.
    Let's take money out of the failing schools so that we can give tax deductions and vouchers to rich white families that want to go to public school.
    This will just screw over the people in the public school and will make the problem even worse.

  • No, school vouchers should not be expanded

    The use of school vouchers should not be expanded. Instead, the schools in question should be brought up to a higher level of competency. If we constantly send children away from schools that need fixing, that takes even more resources away from that school and makes it harder for it to succeed. Put more effort into fixing our schools, then you want need any vouchers at all.

  • They're nothing but corporate welfare for religious freaks.

    School vouchers are nothing more than a blatant attempt by religious indoctrinators and greedy conservatives to grab tax dollars for private use. Very little of the money goes into educating children in the sham charter schools they set up to take those vouchers. School vouchers need to be discontinued, they're a bad idea.

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