• Yes, the embassy should be moved.

    The Israeli government considers Jerusalem as its capital. Therefore, the United States has the right to move its embassy to Jerusalem, the location of the Israeli capital. Other countries should respect Israel's right to use Jerusalem as its capital. The United States would not let other countries claim that Washington D.C. could not be our nation's capital.

  • Yes, Jerusalem is the land of the Jews.

    The move is long overdue, the embassy should have being moved like yesterday. Israel is America's best ally, history will judge America harshly if we ever forsake Israel. It was sad to see Obama administration betraying Israel at the UN general assembly but it is a relief that we now have a president who will stand with Israel and is ready to revert all resolution passed against Israel and move the embassy to Jerusalem.

  • Israel is the capital.

    Yes, the U.S. Embassy in Israel should be moved to Jerusalem, because Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel. It would be a nice symbolic gesture for Israel for the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol. This has long been a sticking point with Israel's relationship with the rest of the Middle East.

  • No, I don`t think so. It is not just moving the embassy and be done with it.

    Relocating the embassy would be impossible to pull off smoothly: parts of Jerusalem were annexed by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War, and the city is claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians as their capital. The Trump administration appears to be moving forward far more cautiously than the president’s campaign trail rhetoric would have suggested. While several prominent Israeli politicians are delighted that Mr Trump appears to be sticking to his promise, other observers say issues such as peace with the Palestinians, the threat of Iran and the violence engulfing neighbouring Syria are much higher on Israel’s priority list. The major departure from existing US policy could not only set back the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, but possibly trigger new violence in the already volatile region.

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