• The U.S should enact campaign finance

    Campaigns are being financed at grossly disproportionate levels. The elite can have a major influence on election outcomes and that is unfair to the majority of people. Reform is needed so rich folks with special interests can't throw their money around to try and build more wealth at the expense of everybody else.

  • Yes, the U.S. should enact campaign finance reform.

    Yes, I strongly believe that the U.S. should enact campaign finance reform. The government stands to gain two main things as a result of campaign finance reform: 1) Politicians cannot hide behind their veil of secrecy when the people want to know about their campaign finances, and 2) So that citizens know who is backing these political candidates. An obscene amount of money is spent on political campaigns, especially presidential campaigns, and hopefully campaign finance reform will curb the amount of money that politicians can receive and use toward getting elected, as in a way, that is a form of cheating. Also, Super PACs should be eliminated altogether, as the inclusion of PACs have caused presidential campaigns to become mud-slinging competitions through advertisements and the like.

  • Donors Should Be Transparent

    Everyone who gives money to a political campaign should be known publicly. Donors who give to so-called super PACs won't be able to hide behind the shield of anonymity. There should be limits on corporations that give to campaigns and candidates shouldn't be able to focus on just one or two states to win a presidential election.

  • Urgently needed

    Campaign finance reform is urgently needed in the US. Right now, it costs a prohibitive amount of money to be elected to office, and this means that people running for office must spend a long time fundraising and as a result be beholden to special interests who have financed them. Candidates beholden to special interests aren't working for their constituents, and the entire process and the entire country suffer as a result.

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