Should the U.S. end Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy?

  • Yes yes yes!

    Bush the moron stole an election and used it to benefit the rich. Take down the tax cuts and prop the taxes back up on the RICH! He inherited Clinton's surplus and ran it to a deficit with his stupid policies. America needs to cut the deficit and one way to do that is to shoot up taxes on the rich and stop strangling the middle class and poor. They can definitely afford it, and in no way is this going to hurt the economy; FDR did it and dragged the US out of the depression.

  • And then some.

    Not only should the tax cuts end for the wealthy(who already pay 70% of the income taxes for us) but taxes should be increased across the board. If we are really going to say that we need the top 10% of earners to pay more than 70% of the income taxes then we need to be willing to put up a fair share more ourselves.

  • Wealthy Caused Recession

    Wealthy Wall Street types caused the recession with subprime mortgages. During that time, they had tax cuts implemented by the Republicans in power in Washington. The Democrats hold the White House for another four years and the Senate for at least two more. It's time to end wealthy welfare and make the rich pay up for what they did to ordinary Americans during the financial crisis.

  • End tax cuts!!

    With the amount of debt this country is in, I would think it would be wise to end the tax cuts for the wealthy! This has been a way for the wealthy to stay wealthy and the poor to remain poor. I understand some wealthy people working very hard for their money, but I think there should be other incentives to "reward" them, rather than these enormous tax cuts.

  • Yes, our national debt is too great to continue the cuts

    I feel that the U.S. should end the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy because they have proven to have not stimulated the economy as was touted, and the country is in too much debt to continue them. The people hurting most in this economy are the middle and lower classes, and the top five percent of wealthy Americans should pay a higher rate of taxes.

  • Wealthy is what creates jobs

    The wealthy are the people who start large companies and create jobs. taxing the wealthy gives people less of an incentive to work hard. Why would you want to work hard and go to school and study for years just to pay for those who sit around? People will not work as hard and less jobs will be created.

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