• Yes, the U.S should end its sanctions on Russia to facilitate better foreign relations

    Relations between the U.S and Russia have been complex for over fifty years. During this time, tensions have been increasingly high between these two influential world powers as both countries seek to assert themselves and their dominance. However, in modern times, for peace to exist, Russia and the U.S must move toward one another with less suspicion. If the U.S would end sanctions on Russia, even if done cautiously and in stages, it would go a long way to set a new tone between the world powers who share serious interests this day in age.

  • Yes we should

    Sanctions clearly don't stop Putin from doing what he wants to do. The US should end the sanctions against Russia because they do more to hurt the Russian people than they do to stop Putin. Sanctions don't tend to ever work as effectively as they are designed. Sanctions are a weak way of saying we disapprove of something.

  • Sanctions: Status Quo

    A government acts in the best interest of its country and that requires leverage on foreign nations to influence their government actions for one's own interests. Sanctions against Russia were threatened to deter some of Russia's actions that were against Western interests. Russia then took actions, such as their role in the Syrian civil war, that Russia deemed to be in its own best interests despite Western protest.

    Now that sanctions are in place, the US should not consider ending sanctions for the sake of removing them. Rather, it should be a consideration of what the US can gain from Russia by ending these sanctions. For now, it seems more lucrative for the US to keep its options open and, thus, not end its sanctions against Russia.

  • The U.S. should not end sanctions with Russia, as it is a way to regulate and temper the global economy.

    The U.S. should not at this point consider ending its sanctions on Russia. Contrary to popular opinion, the sanctions have not delivered a devastating blow to the Russian economy, nor are they meant to hinder the Russian economy in anyway. The sanctions were created to "warn" Russia against foreign policy actions that the Western world does not agree with. With the world walking on the "thin ice" that is at this point, it would not be wise for the U.S. to introduce any possiblity of further economic turmoil.

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