Should the U.S. end laws that criminalize or prosecute individuals based on their HIV status?

  • End The Laws That Are Discriminatory And Keep What Isn't

    If there are discriminatory laws regarding people with HIV, they should be ended. However, not all laws may be discriminatory. Laws against intentionally spreading the disease should stay, and other laws that have a health impact should also stay. For example, it's practical keep HIV tainted blood out of the blood supply for public consumption. However, anything that just discriminates without reason should be ended.

    Posted by: rpr
  • YES, It should be stopped.

    If the U.S. has laws that criminalize or prosecute citizens just because of their HIV status, (which I do not believe they do), yes, they should be ended. People's health issues should not even be addressed in a court of law unless it is essential to the case. If a defendant intentionally tries to give another person that disease, it should be prosecuted as attempted murder. Other than that, health issues should not effect a criminal decision in a court of law in the United States.

  • This is vague question...

    In the US (from what I've read) it is not a crime to be HIV positive, but a number of states (Almost all but Nebraska as of 2010) have laws that are consistent with CDC recommendations for testing and reporting. Most require disclosure to partners and needle sharing partners. I feel that laws requiring this kind of disclosure are just, in so far as, they are kept in place to protect those who are not infected with this life threatening, and life altering disease. Personally I feel that medical professionals and those working in contact with or possible contact with the disease should be informed regardless of the patients wishes. (No one should be unknowingly exposed or in danger of without full knowledge). I also feel very strongly that any sexual partners need to be informed, and this should be followed up by medical professionals in the case of common law/wedded couples. Yes there are treatments to reduce risk, help cope with, and survive living with HIV. That being said, even if its a small chance, people should be told the risks, regardless of personal liberties and freedoms

    So far as criminalizing and prosecuting those who are knowingly infecting, or with intent to infect, or with malice, Those who threaten with the disease. These people should be treated as any other criminal who tries to bring harm to another human. If not treated as a biological weapons terrorist.

  • No, Don't end the laws

    From my understanding, there are laws that criminalize individuals with HIV who are deliberately spreading it. I do think that if you know your status, you have no business going around exposing others to this disease unless they consent to it. I don't even think that anyone should consent to that of coarse but my point is that this should be punishable for someone who knows they have HIV to expose others to this disease. I do agree that it is like carrying a weapon around because HIV leads to death, so therefore if you pass it on to someone else you are basically killing them. Now am not disregarding to have compassion on those who live with this disease but I don't have compassion for someone who is seeking to harm others for their own selfish pleasure.

  • No the 2 issues are not related in any way shape or form.

    Individuals should be prosecuted if they have committed a criminal offense. Whether or not they have HIV is irrelevant. If they do have it, it should not be held against them and if they do not have it, it should not be to their legal advantage. The 2 issues have nothing to do with one another.

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