• Yes they should.

    If drugs must be illegal, the offenders should be offered treatment, not prison, and drugs for medicinal uses should be legal. Weed has been shown by a Harvard study to fight cancer, but governments around the world are corrupt and refuse to respect peoples' right to choose. Gosh darned minimum word thing.

  • Treatment by Incarceration

    The best way to treat someone who deals harmful, addictive drugs like cocaine or heroin is simple: Lock them up in prison and take them away from them until they are no longer addicted. Now, what we need to work on is our prison "quality" - we need to make them undesirable crapholes, not four-star hotels, and there need to be psychologists on hand to help criminals cope with their addiction. They should have to serve a minimum sentence just so they can get away from it, instead of going through an unhelpful rehab program that still keeps them in touch with the stuff.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T02:35:59.710
Perhaps if they were non-violent offenders with no other associated crimes or charges (e.G. Theft, accessory, etc.).