• Yes we should

    Cuba is no threat to the United states and they have not done anything recently. The soviets were a threat but now they have folded and so should the embargo act. We cannot hold a grudge on them forever and this is why we should end this. It is the right thing to do

  • Cube is no longer a threat

    Cuba was a threat during the cold war, but as of now are normal country, just like us. We started this embargo to get back at them for what they had done, but now it is irrelevant. The Soviet Union is long gone, and so should the embargo act be.

  • We should end the Embargo Act

    I believe that we should end the Embargo against Cuba because whats the whole point of having it there if they're no longer a threat to us. The whole entire reason for the Embargo Act was to keep Cuba as far away and protect ourselves from the Cubans. At that time the Cuban government was dealing with the Soviet Union who was a communist nation, but also has missiles own by the Soviet Union that were pointed at us. But the Cubans are no longer a threat to us. A plus would be the export of diary products from us to them. Before the Embargo Act, the Cubans was one of our top buyers for our dairy products. If we would have lifted the Embargo Act maybe the whole government shutdown would have not accord. The Embargo Act was also put up because Cuba didn't reach the USA's requirements, but what's the whole point of keeping it up if it hasn't yet achieved its goal in 50 years f use. The Embargo Act also cost the USA a loss of $1.2 billion dollars because of exports. The Embargo Act not only hurts the USA economy, but it also hurts the cuban people. The cuban people are also not allowed to get medical aid because of this outrageous act. Why is it that we the people of the United States of America is able to give water to the people of Africa, but is not able to help our neighbors that are closer than Africa with water. Its a moral duty for us the United States of America citizens to stop and think about the people, and think about what we can get back from the Cubans for our appreciated help. And also if you say well "Oh Cuba is a communist country", well also is China, and if you go to stores more than half of the objects say "Made In China". So before you say that think twice.

  • The embargo is not what is ruining Cuba

    The embargo is not what is the problem. It is the government. Though Fidel Castro blames the U.S. Trade embargo for the collapse of the Cuban economy, the truth is that Cuba's economical destruction was caused by the regime's ruinous economic policies. Specifically, Castro's command economy, based on a 1976 constitution and laws which prohibit private enterprises and ownership of property, completely destroying the free market in Cuba, hindering economical growth and prosperity.

  • Cuba has not met up to the conditions yet

    According to US law, Cuba must legalize all political activity, release all political prisoners, commit to free and fair elections in the transition to representative democracy, grant freedom to the press, respect internationally recognized human rights, and allow labor unions. Since Cuba has not met these conditions, the embargo should not be lifted.

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