• The Federal Reserve only benefits themselves and the banks.

    The Fed has too much power to control our economy and it has significantly devalued our currency. The Federal Reserve hurts the poor and middle class the most and is run by unelected & unaccountable bureaucrats, the majority of whom have PhDs but have FAILED to predict ANY of the major crises & bubbles since they have been established. Those economists with PhDs are only working with mathematical models and none of them have any experience in the real world in business or wall street. They are a bit useless if you ask me. The Fed is far too secretive and they benefit special interest groups (basically their friends - wink, wink). The Federal Reserve is Unconstitutional and it routinely bails out big banks. The Feds also encourage deficit spending, quantitive easing, 0% interest rates on spending. They have shown in the last 50 years that they don't know what they're doing. We need to abolish the Fed!!

  • This is serfdom.

    By necessitating payment on the currency we use, the Federal Reserve has effectively enslaved us all. No longer do we enjoy the fruits of our labors. Instead, we pay fealty to and supplicate ourselves to debt mongers who feed upon our production while contributing nothing in return. I believe we must rescind our consent, cease the use of Federal Reserve notes, and return to currencies with value, and bartering. Otherwise, the wicked shall continue to rule, and the good shall remain bowed in unrewarded toil. We the People MUST end the Fed (and, by proxy, the IRS), or all freedoms will, soon, be ended by it.

  • Kill it now!!!!!!

    It's unconstitutional point blank period! It obviously dosnt work, look at how many trillions of dollars our country is in debt... Kill it and kill it now! Bring back the gold standard and legalize marijuana to pay off our ridiculously high debt and create jobs. There is no other way. Kill it now.

  • 100% scam and manipulation of power.

    banks in the current manner are purposefully made us dependent on them, they give you minimal interest rates for storing your money, then charge you maximum interest rates for borrowing the money you provided. That is completely wrong and totally unnecessary. Our government needs to print its own money so our citizens can have some REAL buying power to EMPOWER themselves. We are stuck in a CLOSED market, ruled by wannabe KINGS in a NEO FEUDAL SYSTEM. Our country does not MANUFACTURE anything, so what makes you think we have and real RESOURCES besides LABOR which is paid with PAPER FIAT MONEY, that you must REDEEM AT THE BANK, which discourages removing ALL of your money and discourages taking more than 1000-3000 usd at a time. The federal reserve is a travesty to humanity.

  • The Fed has more power than Congress.

    Since the beginning of the Fed the destiny of the dollar was that of doom. Elite know that with a huge debt they'll be able to raise taxes. They want to keep us poor because the poor are easy to control when you are the one who gives them everything. Congress can make any paper or coin our currency but they can't put value to it. The dollar is just 4 cents of what it was before. The Fed is causing inflation. As Ron Paul said it's no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking. War is good business. We see it as something horrible with a lot of deaths. For them it means business. They control our media and our education. They make laws outside of our legislative system. Look at TPP. The Fed is going to end up as a global economic collapse that no one has never seen before. That'll ultimately lead to a new world order with a global government. There's no gold on Fort Knox. The Fed makes money out of thin air. And putting more money in currency had never help a country get out of it's economic crisis. We are going down and by we I mean the 99% who doesn't control the world. --- Is easier to deceive the masses than to convince them they've been deceived.

  • Fed Res is a private entity

    The Federal Reserve is a private entity. It doesn't report to the public. Our elected government representatives in congress should be in control of our economy. A resourced based currency is the sustainable future that the USA needs to compete in the global market. Choose the population ovee corporate interests.

  • End the fed reserve now

    Stealing our money through inflation. Watch the documentary "Thrive" if you wish to know the truth. Since it was established the Fed has decreased the value of the dollar by over 95%. They completely control our economy at the drop of a hat. Every breakdown our economy has gone through, from the Great Depression to the 2008 collapse, was created and planned by the Fed. They did this so they could bailout their banks while the rest of us suffered in debt. Owing money to them that is on a computer screen. Ending the Fed and cutting the military spending bill in the pentagon in half will save over 1 trillion US dollars per year. This country shouldn't be in debt to a PRIVATELY OWNED BANKING SYSTEM. It is against the Constitutionand our rights. They're stealing from roght under our noses. It's time to wake up!! Slavery is alive and well! END THE FED!

  • End the fed now

    Yes and the sooner the better. The fed has for over a century devalued our currency, steal our wealth by inflation, and has caused recession after recession; recklessly led us to the Great Depression. Central banking, it should be clear, does not work. Keeping interest rates low leads to unnecessary speculation.

  • End the FED!

    Money should be backed by value. If you notice, the fed devalued our currency 1% a year, now its basically worthless! They appoint presidents. Presidents do not choose a fed chairman...Why dont we mint our own $,backed by value,for free,instead of paying a foreign banking cartel. Although im a terrorist for supporting the Constitution,i support the Constitution! Where were all the economic problems before the fed was here? Why is the entire treasury dept. Located in Puerto Rico?

  • Theft, unfair, cheating

    It is obvious that the federal reserve act of 1913 has run its course and made the private owners of this central banking system wealthy beyond belief. Lets have a president use his pen and phone and simply wipe out the 90% of all the ill gotten treasury debt that is owned by the system by simply voiding these notes. That will allow the 16th amendment to be repealed and free all Americans from federal income taxes. Please learn more about this system so you can come to the understanding that this system is killing America. It is the devil incarnate.

  • Do you really want the idiots in congress controlling monetary policy??

    The alternative to the ending of the federal reserve system is elected officials controlling monetary policy. I do not trust those fools with our economy, and would rather have experienced economists in control.

    The Fed has helped lessen the blow from several financial crisis in the past, and I am certain that they will continue to do so.

  • The Fed is not the boogeyman after your money.

    The fed was created to prevent economic panics that were happening considerably often. Every crash that's happened since their creation could have been a lot worse. They help deal damage control when a bank has loaned too much and their bubble bursts, which prevents small scale crashes from happening entirely, and regulates the fractional lending rate which keeps inflation in check.

    There is no slavery, so serfdom, no magic men controlling us through the fed, regardless of their religious affiliations. The Fed exists to keep the individual banks from doing stupid and irresponsible things.

  • Federal Reserve System Necessary

    The United States shouldn't end the Federal Reserve system because it has proved beneficial for the nation throughout the years. By abolishing this system, the country wouldn't weather economic turndowns as effectively. The Federal Reserve system should stay exactly where it is and continue operating in the United States for the foreseeable future.

  • The Alternatives Are Worse

    Getting rid of the Fed means giving congress the power to control monetary policy.

    Instead, we should appoint Fed chairs who understand that the fed has a role to play in keeping the economy stable but also realize that the main mission of the Fed is to keep inflation under control and instill certainty into the economy.

  • Strong Nations Need Central Banks

    Without a central banking system, monetary policy and monetary policies would be out of control. The Federal Reserve helps regulate how much money is in circulation. Monetary policy is important to our modern way of doing things. Otherwise, the economic recession of four years ago would have done more harm than good. Without a central banking system in the United States, banks would charge whatever interest rate they want, regardless of economic controls. Inflation would be rampant. The Federal Reserve system isn't perfect, but it must remain to prevent another Great Depression.

  • No, it serves an important purpose

    The Federal Reserve is an important part of the American Financial System. It functions in regulation banks and protecting customers, helping with employment and stable economic conditions, as well as many other things. While it is a system that needs to be improved to work better it isn't something that we should just throw out.

  • No, But It Needs To be Handled Better

    The Federal Reserve is key in stabilizing our economy, establishing interest and inflation rates and ensuring that monetary policies are being followed. Without the United States' system of checks and balances, including the system that includes the Federal Reserve, the US economy and the global economy would suffer in exponential ways.

  • No, the U.S. should not end the Federal Reserve system? It just simply needs to be operated with actual transparency.

    The Federal Reserve helps to stabilize our economy by executing monetary policy and moderating interest rates. There are many critics of the Federal Reserve system and rightfully so, however the U.S. Economy would become rogue without this system of checks and balances that a regular free market is not able to provide. Its leadership has to avoid being unaware of how the member banks are operating and manipulating lending practices without regard for the lasting effects that are felt by borrowers and consumers.

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