Should the U.S. engage in direct talks with Iran?

  • Why the U.S. Should engage in direct talks with Iran

    Although they threaten to pursue nuclear power against our country, end financial services and cause major problems from their great benefits, maybe our appealing pleads can force them out of doing so. And they may share their plans and we could come up with ideas to prevent the attack.

    “Don't be afraid of being scared. To be afraid is a sign of common sense. Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything.”
    ― Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Angel's Game

  • Honestly I am not saying they should not, I say not yet.

    There is to much of a risk that the president could be assassinated. In a matter of seconds they could easily use a nuke, suicidal bomber, and or infiltrate the United States to steal information. There are to many possibilities of danger and death that could easily unfold. So, until this gets sorted out, I believe we should not talk to the president of Iran unless there is quite the distant between them.

  • Yes We Should!

    The whole idea of having a State Department is to implement diplomacy and build foreign relations. We are not a militant state. Therefore, we must be willing to use diplomacy. If it works, then it was the best solution to the problem. If talks fail, then other options can be implemented.

  • Absolutely just think about it this way if we don't talk to them their going to make nuclear weapons and distance themselves even more.

    This is our chance to deal with Iran only a fool wouldn't take the advantage. We should negotiate but don't give up to much so we have something on the table. I say Iran halts all nuclear programs and America releases these sanctions but at anytime of any day we are unsatisfied with the progress or Iran is resisting any part of the deal we have the full right to put those sanctions back on. This also leads space and time to think of a long term goal while Iran has stopped making nuclear weapons about how we deal if were lied to.

  • Yes

    The United States should start talking directly with Iran. There is no need for the constant posturing and the pretending like they are ignoring each other. It is childish and rarely gets anywhere. With true leaders like John Kerry, Barack Obama, and the Clintons, we should be able to talk meaningfully with the government of Iran.

  • Yes, They Should

    There really is no harm in directly talking with Iran. Gone are the days where the USA as a country wants to wage war with everyone possible. The time for measured negotiation is now, and Iran is a great starting point to begin talks. Worst case scenario, the talks break down and we are back where we started.

  • I believe the New President for Iran

    Is a very genuine guy and should be taken very seriously, he is a cooperative politican and looks to take Iran away from the former dictatorship they had. He has shown that is very willing and wishes to participate in talks with the West, he should therefore be given the chance. I also believe that all countries with nuclear weapons must disarm them, I mean really? Who are we to decide that people can't have nuclear weapons when we have many more than them anyway, all of which with incredible power. I mean what is the point of Nuclear weapons they're pointless anyway. Why do we need weapons of mass destruction anyway in a mostly peaceful world. (when I say this, I mean the major superpowers aren't at war with each other.)

  • Doesn't our world advert peace and how we should maintain it?

    Why do we keep on talking about peace and humanity, that could still be there within us? This whole issue between U.S. And Iran just reflects even more on our next generation. Imagine them, using this case as an example in their later on deeds saying: "Yeah, I think their actions were right." but are these actions ACTUALLY right? You bomb them, they suffer and yet you're all chill about it? I strongly believe they should have a talk with each other, just like we all have to do whenever we have issues with one another.

  • Sure. Trade talks.

    I say we offer the Iranians a deal. They can keep their nuclear ambitions, free of inspections (hell, we don't allow the UN in to our nuke facilities) if they stop making the Israelis cry AND if they do us a solid by trading some really good Iranian food for Barack Obama.

    You read right. Get us some kickass Iranian food, take our president (hell, put him in charge of Iran or do whatever you want, we don't care) and you keep your nukes. Seriously, do this, stop poking fun at the Israelis and you can do whatever, but you MUST take Obama.

    Pelosi too.

  • Unique chance to improve.

    I feel like talking is always the right way to go in these kinds of situations. If we talk to them it will create a mutual understanding that will strengthen the damaged relationship we have with Iran. Talking to an Islamic state like Iran will also send a positive message to the Arab world that America is willing to talk and is able to resolve conflicts peacefully.

  • Not Unless They Give Up Their Nuke Program

    Iran chooses to defy the world by continuing to pursue nuclear power. Because of this, the United Nations and the United States have imposed sanctions on Iran. It would be very contradictory for the United States to engage in direct talks with Iran while still imposing sanctions. We should wait until Iran offers to drop their nuclear program.

  • No

    Iran has shown time and time again that it doesn't want to have real negotiations. It wants to use threats and violence to get what it wants. They continue to defy the U.N. by developing their nuclear programs. If they won't take the U.N. seriously, the United States shouldn't take talks with Iran seriously either.

  • The Obama administration's foreign policy is completely 100% backwards.

    The fact that we're even having this debate is disturbing. Iran is not "misunderstood" like leftist politicians and pundits will have you believe. Iran is the #1 sponsor of global terrorism, it's hand has been responsible for the genocide in Syria, the chaos in Iraq and the deaths of thousands of American troops (IED's, etc). Iran arms Hezballah, a terrorist organization, as well as Hamas, a barbaric terrorist organization that has destroyed every attempt at peace between Israel and Palestine. The Iranian regime must not be trusted. Heck, even the IRGC is internationally recognized as a terrorist organization. The Obama administration is literally negotiating with terrorists. Iran is a country brimming with human rights violations, they can't even hold a legitimate and democratic election. They are openly enriching uranium beyond the amount necessary for a truly peaceful energy program. The sanctions have clearly been working, stopping them and cutting deals with Iran is suicidal to the balance of power in the Middle East and opens up a very dangerous Pandora's box that could potentially have a direct impact on the entire civilized world. We are basically trying to create dialogue with the Nazis of the 21st century and it is the biggest mistake we could make in this post 9/11 world we live in.

  • We should not negotiate directly.

    The US State Department has demonstrated a level of amateurism that would be laughable if I were not an American. My father and my grandfather each worked for the Department of State many years ago, so I am not without portfolio on this issue (DOD and DOJ). We can only hope that the professional diplomats from some of the other countries, most notably Russia and Israel can make up for the US shortcomings.

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Obama just needs to bring a towel