Should the U.S. expand background checks on firearm purchases?

  • Yes, the U.S. should expand background checks.

    It is my opinion that background checks should be expanded for the purchase of firearms. Any person who wishes to own firearms should be thoroughly checked for a history of violent criminal offenses and mental illness. I also think that it would be a valuable resource to have all firearm owners to fully register their firearms to a database that can be used to update a person's eligibility to own a firearm-- much like a license to drive a car. While I am of the opinion that it is the right of a law abiding and sound American citizen to own firearms, I do believe that anyone deemed not eligible to own a firearm safely should be excluded from that right.

  • Yes, they should.

    When someone buys a firearm it could be for several different kinds of reasons. The reason may simply be to go hunting, or even just for protection of their family just in case. However, some people buy a firearm for evil intents and purposes. In those cases we need to really know who we are selling a gun to.

  • Why wouldn't we?

    Firearms can be good in different ways, but they are also very harmful. Adam Lanza got a hold of one and shot 20 children. That is not cool. He was mentally handicapped and we should not sell guns to mentally handicapped people (or their mothers) So, we should have better background checks definitely.

  • A hundred times "yes"!

    The U.S. should expand background checks on firearm purchases and should have always done so. I cannot think of one good reason why this should not happen, and for it to not be happening currently is hugely irresponsible of our country and any part of the population who does not want it to occur.

  • Criminals don't buy guns, they steal them.

    Yes,a stupid kid could buy a gun on the Internet but he's not going to kill someone with it. A kid who actually wants to kill people would slit his entire family's throats when they're all asleep. Crime is actually at an all-time low anyway. And if it was required to register your guns,well you know what the USSR did? They had all gun owners come to a government building to register their guns,and they killed them all! I don't want to be labeled as secretly a criminal anyway, and I don't need a criminal looking me up, finding out I own some guns, and stealing them from me.

  • Not at all.

    The bureau of justice pointed out in 2009 that 80% of criminals in jail got their gun from a friend, family member or other criminal. A background check didn't stop him/her. Very few criminals actually go to gun shows. They get their guns off the street or from family/friends. Or they could steal them. Heck, you can build guns(they will be crude, but it works) if you can spend a few hours on youtube. So no. At this point, background checks aren't doing that much to stop crime. And the majority of criminals who do press their luck with a Background check, aren't even prosecuted when they fail it. Sooooooooo yeah. No point

  • That defeats the hole purpose of owning a gun!

    Do criminals register THEIR guns? No. So, why should it be so hard to own one? Knives don't need to be registered, neither do crossbows or baseball bats or tire irons, yet those kill just as effectively. I carry a gun to protect myself INCASE I need to. So, hy do I need to let everyone know I have one, so I can be challenged? So I can be stereotyped into people thinking I'm a criminal? Killing someone or peeing on a bush, you can still be arrested for each, but what will come to mind when you tell someone you were arrested, that you were eeing, or that you did something very bad? A gun should be for protection against those who want to harm me, cut and dry, there should be no other reason. If you want to buy ammo, you should need to show a two forms of picture ID including your driver's license, that's it. People can torch or grind off a bike lock, but it deters most would-be criminals. Look at the bait car show, if the car wasn't running with the door open, a lot of people wouldn't steal it. Most crimes are by opportunity and ease of execution.

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