• Yes, To Those In Need

    The United States needs to expand Social Security benefits for those who need it. The costs of living are rising and many senior citizens are living in poverty and need the money for housing and health care. We need to stop paying Social Security out to very wealthy people, because they obviously don't need it.

  • No, the opposite should happen

    The ideal should be to move away from a social security system. It is simply unsustainable at the rate it is going. The demographic problem might bankrupt the social security fund leaving current generations left with nothing to show for paying into the system. Expanding Social Security would further destroy any integrity left within the system as it stands.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • No, is fine as it is

    No, everything points to needing to reduce Social Security. More benefits would mean more taxes coming out of each paycheck which means less money to spend. People are living and working longer so the need to increase benefits is limited. The program works well as it is by keeping people out of extreme poverty when they get older.

  • Not at this time.

    As much as I want social security benefits when I get older, it is not feasible to expand social security benefits. The government needs to focus on lifting the economy of the nation before looking into social security. People need to have jobs to even survive to an age of retirement. People are too worried about the future and not the present.

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