• Yes, this would give us some wiggle room to fix things correctly

    Granted, the governmental debt is not as simplistic as a household budget, but when a household runs into money trouble they can wisely use credit to get out of these problems. It usually is simply a way to pay for those things that must be paid for while figuring out how to fix the problems. We need to fix the problems, but if we are forced to do so while not paying for those things that are important, things will just get worse.

  • No

    Expanding the debt ceiling would not help this country, it would only be a very temporary solution. By doing this we will not have a forever fix to our debt, but rather a terrible semi-fix for a little, dependably leading to more of a downfall in the economy. Instead of thinking about expanding the debt ceiling, we should be focused on reducing it.

  • No, incurring more debt is not a good plan.

    Continued acquisition of debt can lead to problems down the road, such as hyperinflation, as confidence in the dollar rightfully decreases. The solution to this mess should be to adjust the tax system so those who actually have money are taxed the most, as well as to curb unnecessary spending.

  • No, the US should not expand the debt ceiling. Doing this will insure a continued demise of the country.

    The US expanding the debt ceiling at this point is like an average American having $300,000 in credit card debt and wondering is they should get another credit card to pay the interest. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the share for each individual in the country is. This is never ending servitude for every person in the country, because we will never have the capacity to extinguish this debt. The real question is, when do we finally default and start from scratch?

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