• Yes, it time we did

    For far to long we haven't exported our natural gas. With exporting more jobs will be created. With higher demand the cost will even out and we can produce more to convert our power plants, public transportation cleaner energy with a cleaner carbon footprint. We Americans deserve to become more of a producer and less of an importer

  • Yes, we need more exports

    I do believe we should export natural gas. It is something the U.S. should be able to profit from and help our standing in the global economy.

    We have a great deal of natural gas and should profit from it as we keep working on green forms of energy for the future.

  • Yes, the United States does not export enough

    I remember hearing once that the biggest export of the United States was the entertainment industry. We no longer manufacture things and we import everything from other countries. If we could export natural gas, this would be another revenue stream to help support our economy, and cut down our reliance on foreign oil.

  • The US should export natural gas.

    With all the talk about the budget and the money the US does not seem to have, but can always find, it would be one more revenue stream that they could use. But I guess the flip side of this would tend to be, is it worth it. Lately there have not been positive models to follow with these endeavors. Off shore oil drilling has had a few pit falls, to say the least, If that is any example, I could see why they may be hesitant to say the least. But with the "Can Do" spirit I know we possess, I can see it happening.

  • Yes, if it is safe.

    Assuming there is a safe delivery method to a place like Canada or Mexico, then there is no reason the US should avoid exporting natural gas as part of regular trade. As long as there are environmental protections in place and the trade is free, there should be no issues with the exchange and it would help the economy.

  • No, leave the gas where it is

    So many resource extraction methods are unsafe, and subject to companies sliding behind the law. It would be much more worthwhile to focus on developing sustainable energy alternatives than exploiting natural gasses and adding to the public reliance on them. The us doesn't really need more exports. They are one of the largest superpowers in the world. The problem is how that money is distributed. It would make so much more sense to distribute gdp more evenly, and become a world leader in renewable energy than to continue exploiting the earth, which will eventually lead to our downfall anyway, because there is only a limited amount of natural gas around to extract.

    Posted by: kcos

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