Should the U.S. extend its Google antitrust inquiry?

  • There's nothing wrong with an inquiry

    Google is huge, I don't think anyone will dispute that. They have gone from their humble beginning as a modest search engine to having their hands in nearly every sector of industry, from cars to laptops and even in mobile phones.

    However they, like all companies that operate in the US, must comply to anti-trust laws. Because of complaints against them by competitors in the search engine market, the FTC is simply making an inquiry, which is not an unheard of thing to do to a company that is innocent in the end.

    Simply put, Google is a large company that operates out of the US and thus is subject to its laws, this is simply the playing out of one of its laws.

  • Yes FTC should continue investigating Google

    Any company that becomes as huge as Google has undergone scrutiny in regard to their business practices. Google has immense power and control and if what the European Commission found is true then Google should continue to be investigated. Since Google is more than a search engine there are continual conflict of interest issues that come to the forefront. I am not saying that it does not make good business sense for Google to place their products at the top of their search engine and their competitors way down the list, however that is just wrong. With great power comes great responsibility and they should not be conducting business this way if indeed they are. I think it is best that the FTC get to the bottom of it and force business practice change if they are. Being the best at something does not mean you can step all over everyone else.

  • No Google has not done anything wrong

    Large companies are always noticed and there is a general distrust of them. However, when a company has been investigated and found innocent it is time to leave them alone. Google acts no differently than any other large company but they are treated unfairly. There are many choices for search engines and it is unreasonable to expect that a search engine would provide results for free without getting anything back. It is common knowledge that if you are not paying a fee for a service, that service is making money from your usage. To expect some kind of altruistic search company is ridiculous.

  • No, there is no evidence of illegal practices

    Just because a company has a large reach does not mean it is using illegal practices. How much money are we wasting on investigating Google with little to no evidence of illegal activity? Investigations should follow evidence, not just the idea that there might be a problem because a company is big and making money.

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