Should the U.S. extend Social Security and Medicare eligibility ages?

  • Yes definitely, the health care system is broken.

    Too many people are dying unnecessarily when there are fast easy treatments the doctors could use. But they are much too expensive. They don't need to be either. Other countries have free medical health for everyone and that is without the economy collapsing around their ears like America's does. People want us to send large amounts of money overseas to help sick people in other countries but we can't even afford to help our own families. It makes no sense.

  • Yes, Medicare for all

    The US should definitely extend the ages of Medicare eligibility. Everyone deserves access to quality medical care, and extending the Medicare program to everyone would be a great way to do this. It would increase the pool, which would bring down costs per capita and would help prevent plenty of diseases and health issues.

  • Yes, the eligibility ages should be raised.

    Our country's welfare system is stretched almost beyond itself. There is no way that we will be able to continue funding it in the fashion we have up until now. Since I suspect this slow economy will linger for a very long time, we have no choice but to cowboy up and accept the cutbacks.

  • No, don't extend them.

    I think this question is asking about delaying the age at which you can apply beyond age 65. While some people are able to work beyond that age, a great many are not, and an even greater number would not be considered a viable job candidate because of their age. If they do not have income and no Social Security/Medicare who is going to take care of them? What most people don't consider is that the elder person's family members would have to care for them or watch them go without. This would place an even greater burden on the working members in our society. Are we going to return to the time when Grandma lived in a back bedroom and was dependent upon us for all her care?

  • It's in bad shape as is

    If the U.S. were to extend eligibility ages, that would cause a large increase in the amount of people that would be using it, necessary or not. The U.S. is already having budget issues related to these two programs and adding more people to the programs is only going to hurt everyone involved. It needs to be fixed before any eligibility requirements are changed.

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