Should the U.S. federal government legalize the cultivation of hemp?

  • Cultivation of hemp should be legalized

    The cultivation hemp should be legalized, but with some regulation placed on the cultivation. It should only be grown for medical use and prescriptions. It is legal for tobacco to be grown and it is in the same category as hemp, in my opinion. Legalizing it will bring money into the economy and it has been proven to help with many illnesses.

  • Yes to cultivation

    I think the cultivation of hemp should be legal in the US. However the use of it should be limited to medical prescription practices. This will get the most out of hemp. Money will be made from growing and selling it and it will help those who have a medical condition that can be helped by it.

  • I think the U.S. federal government needs to immediately legalize the cultivation of hemp.

    I think the U.S. federal government needs to immediately legalize
    the cultivation of hemp. Hemp can be
    used for so many things that it really doesn’t make send for it to be
    illegal. The marijuana plant should be
    legal to smoke, and the hemp should be legal to use for any purpose.

  • Yes, it should

    Hemp has had a place in this country in the past, including what important documents have been written on years ago. There's really no harm to it whatsoever, while the benefits may be limited there's no reason to actively take a stance of trying to prevent it from being cultivated.

  • No nothing good for the economy

    Legalizing the cultivation of hemp is not going to help the US or the economy. If we need to grow some for medical use that is okay, but beyond that it should stop. Medical use will help individuals, while recreational use is of no use. This could just open the door for other drugs in the future which is not good.

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