• All tax havens need to be declared illegal!

    The wealthy have not been paying their fair share of taxes for over 200 years.

    The wealthy have all the huge tax breaks and can shelter money offshore or in some foreign countries, e.G., Sweden.

    But changing the tax laws if difficult, because over 215 members of Congress are multi-millionaires and 11 members are in the top 1% of the wealthy. They are not about to change the tax laws because they would have to pay more taxes. It is all a big joke.

    The US Congress is a big joke.

    The United States should have Universal Health Care and Dental Care, and a better Social Security System, like Canada. And, the minimum wage should be at least $10 an hour for everyone, even tipped employees, e.G., waitresses, who should get $10 per hour plus tips.

    But, the Plutocracy, the top 1% who control Congress, the means of productions, and wages will never allow it; it will take protests and strikes; and, most likely a revolution were the working class has all the power.

  • Yes the U.S. should fight tax havens

    Yes, I think that the U.S. Should do whatever is necessarily to get rid of tax havens since they create an unfair advantage for those trying to hide and hoard their money away. Having too many tax havens means that needed revenue from taxes is not making it to the federal government.

  • They should be illegal, but only if we have a flat rate system.

    Tax havens I agree are detrimental to our nation, but the reason people are sending money to tax havens are the high enough taxes here! Rather than declare tax haven illegal and end with that, make the overly complex tax system a flat tax system. Make the taxes for everyone lower, lower government salaries, pull back us troops from around the world and become a defensive nation. Switzerland itself has a great educational system along with low taxes for everyone, and they keep to themselves!

  • Yes, it should.

    As loathe as I am to give more money to a government who continually squanders it in other countries while our own struggles to get by... Yes, these tax havens should definitely be taken out of popularity. Large corporations use it to evade their already minimal taxes (as opposed to the overall percent that the average citizen has to pay) which shifts the burden of government fund extraction down the line to those who are already spread thin as is.

  • Tax competition is a good thing

    Tax competition serves a beneficial role. It forces greater fiscal responsibility and affords taxpayers the ability to enjoy more of what they earn. This in turn draws savings, investment, and skilled labor into the economy. Your taxes are probably much lower today than they were 30 years ago, thanks in part to tax havens.

  • No, money does not belong to the government

    The prevailing attitude of those in the government is that all the money is theirs, and they simply allow us to keep part of it. This attitude is revolting and shows itself when they attack tax havens. The government simply can't allow people to obtain wealth and not get their share of the pie. Instead of going after tax havens, the government should live within it's means and stop spending us into an unpayable debt.

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sadashivan says2013-05-22T15:25:17.107
Each individual is liable to tax but also entitled to welfare and social security